Sikkmod V1.3 ROE/DOOM3 By IZ0on

A Project for Doom 3

just everything you expect and some you have never heard of... ;)

Sikkmod V1.3 log here you go read...

ive added some new features starting with..

1. new Fx shaders support / arb shaders
2. new shader mixing method...
3. new gui menu options....
4. new source code work with a new spit dll from the doom 3 sdk 1.3.1 game version that takes the game and makes it have better performance and better visuals with balanced  hardware for the new hardware we have today.....
5. new source code work added new fx shader support and new filter presets with added new sound support for better sound quality...
6. added new texture pack for hd optional.....
7. new directx 9.0 /8.0 support for mixing shaders and adding new support for better shaders that makes the game look up to date with the new hardware we have today.....
8. the new directx 9.0/8.0 support also fixes the sikkmod broken shaders for better customizing options that impact the game much better .....
9. added much more just have not got to test it yet but will be updated very soon thanks...
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  • when will there be a download? sikkmod 1.2 had issues when it came to motion blur and doom 3 could really use motion blur. I can tell this version will fix the problem, but in the case that it won't the problem I speak of is when turning on motion blur, the screen looks messed up and unplayable, but when motion blur is off, this is not a p[problem. it only happens during gameplay
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