CS: CZ Mission Packs Lite Version Project

A Project for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Another Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Mission Pack project

Here's a simple Q&A made by me:

Question: Why do I encounter the 512 precache limit error when I'm playing a Mission Pack?

Answer: The reason why you encounter the 512 precache limit error when you're playing a Mission Pack because it is either the Mission Pack has too many player models and maps with custom models used in the Mission Pack or your Condition Zero copy has too many custom maps with custom files used for it.

Anyway, let's start the project:

The reason I want to start this project because there are some Counter-Strike: Condition Zero gamers/players including some of my friends here in this site who encountered the error I've mention in the Q&A. 

Here are the list of Heavy Mission Packs that I'm going to convert it into Lite (including some of the Mission Pack I co-created & non-Team Condition Revival Mission Packs):

My created Mission Packs (some of them are now available):
  1. Red_Dragon Armed Forces: Skull Tension: Part I Lite (Available)
  2. Red_Dragon Armed Forces: Skull Tension: Part II Lite (Available)
  3. Red_Dragon Armed Forces: Skull Tension: Part III Lite (Available)
  4. Red_Dragon Armed Forces: War at Equestria (Part IV) Lite (Upcoming including full version)
  5. Red_Dragon Armed Forces: 1337 W4R5 Lite (Available)
  6. Red_Dragon Armed Forces: 1337 W4R5 Full Version (Separated into Parts) (Upcoming)

My brother's (Reptile_2530) Mission Packs (I'm the co-creator in some of his Mission Packs):
  1. Birch Royal Guards Lite (Reptile_2530's 1st Mission Pack) (Upcoming)
  2. Birch Royal Guards: Local Offensive Lite (Upcoming)
  3. Birch Royal Guards: Christmas Edition Lite (Upcoming)
  4. Birch Royal Guards: Local Offensive Prologue (Upcoming including Full Version)

Midwest_Militia's Mission Packs (I'm the one who fixed and finished his Mission Packs):
  1. Marine Invasion Lite (Upcoming)

Non-Team Condition Revival Mission Packs (The Mission Packs I don't own plus I fixed the bugs on some of them):
  1. Operation X: Code Omega Lite (Upcoming)
  2. Sudden Strike and Axel Strike Lite (Upcoming)
  3. Satya Strike Lite (Upcoming)

If you find some Mission Packs that have more than 10 custom players that are not part of this list, just ask me in the comments section. That's all.


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