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[PC] FEAR 1 HD Textures - ENBSeries + GFX tool Gra
  • Enb_gfx tools
  • filters
This tool adds directx 2010 effects and filters with class librarys for increasing things like bloom Parallax occlusion mapping hdr lighting post process effects depth of view field of view motion blur ect.... so i hope that this will become a better experience for all fear fan gamers 

Images below are updated with ingame screen shot took images from my new tool
New Changes have been added!
  • particles,shaders,textures,models,ect.....
Hey Fear Fans alot has changed since the last image list i showed you below so new images are down below check them out  note this is what i have changed..........

1. enhanced the particles from the smoke,lights,dust,flashes,ect...
2. added new fx scripts for enabling better filter process for adding new customizing coming soon......
3. new hd texture enhancements but i wanted to make sure that i did not over do it with added tweaks so i think that a balancing with the dds textures were much better than a over done mess.......

4. added new updated shaders with better performance for the filters note that is coming soon to the project......

5. new hd remastered gun models 
6. more coming soon some i cant discuss yet 

Also this project aims to return fear with better graphics and restore the original content brought to you since fear released

yes its compatible with the 2 expansions 

Also this project aims to return fear with better graphics and restore the original content brought to you since fear released

list below

1. added new shader system

2. added new 3d view shaders

3. added new 2d simulated shaders

4. added new filter shaders

5. added new filter system for aiding the graphics

6. added new particle system

7.added new 3d particle view system

8. added new filter particles system

9. added new dds options

10. added new shader grid system

11. added new shader grid tracing

12. a refresh game view system

13. added new Generate filter particle system

14. added new lighting particles

15. added new color particles

16. added new dynamic particles

17. added new particle grid system

18. added new particle tracing

19. added new particle Meshing

20. added new particle luma

21. added new Sharp particles

22. added new animated Tracing

23. added new particle shaders

24. added new particle Binray calculation system

25. added particle Glare

26. added Refresh particle system

27. added Refresh Particle Grid System

28. added Particle View System

29. added Refresh Particle Lag System

30. added new dds add height to normal mapping

31. added new Multiple Layers

32. added RGB system

33. added new Height Generation Filter types

34. added wrap system

35. added 4 sample rates to height generation mapping

36. d3/drv Methods for running fear on early pcs with voodo graphic cards

37. added new Decal dds system

38. added new Brighten DDS Texture system

39. added new dds animate lighting

40. added dds super sampling

41. added new fx Decals

42. added new Height Source System

43. added new super channel Method

44. added new Average Super d3dd System

45. added new Alternate Conversions System

46. added max color Conversions

47. added MAX d3d Conversion

48. added Colorspace Conversion

49. added Normalize Only Conversion

50. added biased d3d Converison

51. added Transparent Conversion

52. added Convert to Height Conversions

53. added Alpha Fields Systems

54. added RGB/Star Filters

56. added RGB/Cross Filters

57. added RGB/special Filters

58. added Mega Sampling Systems

59. added animated Reflection Light Systems

60. added Height to spacial mapping

61. added 4k multiple layers

62. added swap ycbcr systems

63. added 4k anti aliasing txaa Methods

64. added Width to normal mapping 

65. added 4k ycbcr layers

66. added 4k ycbcr422 layers

67. added 4k anti aliasing fxaa method

68. added 4k anti aliasing msaa method

69. added 4k anti aliasing ssaa method

70. added 4k Height generation 

72. added 4k wrapping

73. added 4k binary methods

74. added 4k Colorspace

75. added 4k particles

76. added 4k particle luma

77. added sharp 4k particles

78. added 4k Animated tracing

79. added 4k dynamic particles

80. added 4k particle glare

81. added 4k particle shaders

82. added 4k color particles

83. added 4k particle grids

84. added 4k particle tracing

85. added 4k binary conversions

86. added 4k sample rates

87.added alpha prefab fields

88. added 4k filters

89. added 4k color models

90. added 4k max d3d Method

More coming soon hope this helped you out 



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