Project Wintermaze_2016 (map)

A Project for Counter-Strike: Source


  • Addition Cargo elevator
  • Addition Trains (Wagons)
  • Addition Midway station
  • Addition Trees
  • Addition Helipad
  • Addition Train destination
  • Addition A few more tunnels

Additional Notes
Restarted+ current development state... 7mo
  • Amendment The project is halted for now....due to studies, and other stuff...
Halted 11mo


My name is Viper and for the last 5 years or so I've been struggling. All of my mapping projects and attempts since 2012 have failed. Until this moment.  I am now making a map which will be hopefully known as de_wintermaze_2016. I began making this map during the winter of 2016. But because I have exams and studying im  unable to complete it quickly. 

The making of this map was inspired by a map that i liked back at good old CS 1.6 days. It was cs_alpin. Some elements from this map i might put up as prefabs, such as armory that uses weapon racks. and has all 3 grenade spawners. I might also upload nightvision and kevlar+helmet spawners as well as the advanced train which players will be able to stop in mid track and go backwards. One thing that isnt shown in the pictures is the subsurface pipe maze. 

The environment in this map can either become an advantage or a nightmare. Depending on which regions of the map your team is able to control.  There will be no buyzones, instead you will have a choice, proceed with gameplay using awp's that can be picked up (and have only 1 clip) or try and access the armory which will have all the weapons+granades available. It can be done by either keypad access or vent system. 


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    Now, once this is finished --and given that I have time by then--, I'll be happy to give you a .nav mesh on this one.
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