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  • a few midis were added, thank you very much Karamitasu, you rock!

Additional Notes
Uptade 13 4mo
  • many thanks swooce master 9, you rock!
  • Addition a good handful of midis was added
  • Removal trivia section was removed due to space problems

Additional Notes
Update 12 4mo

1. information

1.1. Foundation

After the inactivity and closure of touhou midi central and Touhou Midi Collection I have decided to publish everything here

1.2. Basically, what is a MIDI?

MIDI means "Musical Instrument Digital Interface" and its an electronic musical instrument industry specification that enables a wide variety of digital musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with one another. It is a set of standard commands that allows electronic musical instruments, performance controllers, computers and related devices to communicate. You can say its like an electronic score.

Very difficult to understand? Imagine this, the roll of paper that gets into a pianola, but electronic, now instead of piano you can use several different instruments, And all that added to a low spec and easily modifiable. That would be a summary of  MIDI

This collection does not include black midis!

2. Games list (in chronological order)

2.1. 1 - Highly Responsive to Prayers

A Sacred Lot (unknown) (Piano only)
Eternal Shrine Maiden (ZUN) (Piano only)
The Positive and Negative (not available)
Highly Responsive to Prayers (Susumu Takajima)
Eastern Strange Discourse (ZUN)
Angel's Legend (???)
Oriental Magician (not available)
Blade of Banishment (Susumu Takajima)
Magic Mirror (Susumu Takajima)
the Legend of KAGE (not available)
Now, Until the Moment You Die (not available)
Civilization of Magic (not available)
We Shall Die Together (not available)
Angel of a Distant Star (not available)
Swordsman of a Distant Star (not available)
Iris (not available)
Shrine of the Wind (not available)

2.2. 2 - Story of Eastern Wonderland

Eastern Record of the Sealing of a Demon ~ Pure Land Mandala (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Wobuffet3)
Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
She's in a temper!! (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (FlyingYoshi)
End of Daylight (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Power of Darkness (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
World of Empty Dreams (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Bet on Death (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Himorogi, Burn in Violet (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Love-coloured Magic (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Eastern Record of the Sealing of a Demon ~ A Phantom's Boisterous Dance (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Complete Darkness (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Extra Love (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
The Tank Girl's Dream (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Wobuffet3)
Forest of Tono (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Legendary Wonderland (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
-unused tracks-
Hakurei Shrine Grounds (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Sunfall (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)
Sealed Demon's Finale (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00)

2.3. 3 - Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream

A Dream Transcending Space-Time (not available)
Selection Theme (Wobuffet3)
Eastern Mystical Love Consultation (not available)
Reincarnation (not available)
Dim. Dream (not available)
Tabula rasa ~ The Empty Girl (ZUN) (Piano Only)
Maniacal Princess (not available)
Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream (ZUN) (gondayu) (ALiCE) (unknown) (Piano Only)
Visionary Game ~ Dream War (not available)
Victory Demonstration (not available)
Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight it out! (unknown)
Disunified Field Theory of Magic (not available)
Sailor of Time (unknown) (Ezequiel-TM)
Love of Magical Chimes (not available)
Strawberry Crisis!! (ZUN) (Wobuffet3)
Dream of Eternity (not available)
Eastern Blue Sky (not available)
Eternal Full Moon (ZUN)
Maple Dream... (not available)
Game Over (not available)
-unused tracks-
Winds of Time (not available)
Starbow Dream (not available)
Phantasmagoria (not available)

2.4. 4 - Lotus Land Story

Witching Dream (ZUN)
Selene's Light (unknown)
Bad Apple!! (Average & NamelessLegacy)
Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis (ZUN)
Alice Maestra (ZUN) (yoshimo)
Maiden's Capriccio (ZUN)
Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star (ZUN)
Lotus Love (unknown)
Sleeping Terror (ZUN) (ALiCE)
Dream Land (unknown)
Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream (Wobuffet3)
The Inevitably Forbidden Game (ZUN)
Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic (Wobuffet3)
Cute Devil ~ Innocence (NamelessLegacy) (Wobuffet3)
Days (Ruukasu)
-unused tracks-
Lotus Road (not available)
Dreamy Pilot (TouhouMIDICreater)
Incomplete Plot (not available)
Border Land (not available)
Magic Shop of Raspberry (Average & NamelessLegacy)
Crescent Dream (unknown)
Decoration Battle [Unused Ver.] (not available)
Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream [Unused Ver.] (not available)

2.5. 5 - Mystic Square

Wondrous Tales of Romance ~ Mystic Square (Yamaha XG)
Dream Express
Magic Formation ~ Magic Square (Yamaha XG)
Spiritual Heaven (Susumu Takajima)
Dimension of Reverie (ZUN)
Romantic Children (ZUN)
Plastic Mind (Yamaha XG)
Maple Wise (ZUN)
Forbidden Magic (ZUN)
Crimson Maiden ~ Crimson Dead!! (ZUN)
Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss (ZUN)
The Last Judgement (Yamaha XG)
Doll of Misery (Yamaha XG)
Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (unknown)
Alice in wonderland (Yamaha XG)
The Grimoire of Alice (SonicMaster) (Ruukasu2005) (Wobuffet3)
Peaceful Romancer (not available)

2.6. 6 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

A Dream that is more Scarlet than Red (ZUN)
A Soul that is Red, like a Ground Cherry (ZUN)
Apparitions Stalk the Night (ZUN)
Lunate Elf (ZUN)
Tomboyish Girl in Love (ZUN)
Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (ZUN)
Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 (ZUN)
Voile, the Magic Library (ZUN)
Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (ZUN)
The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood (ZUN) (???)
Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial (ZUN)
The Young Descendant of Tepes (ZUN)
Septette for a Dead Princess (ZUN) (unknown) (Ezequiel-TM) (Baka94)
The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls (ZUN)
U.N. Owen was Her? (ZUN) (???) (lu9)
An Eternity that is More Transient than Scarlet (ZUN)
Crimson Tower ~ Eastern Dream... (ZUN)

2.7. 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom

Mystical Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal (ZUN)
Paradise ~ Deep Mountain (ZUN)
Crystallized Silver (ZUN)
The Fantastic Tales from Tono (ZUN)
Diao Ye Zong (withered leaf) (ZUN)
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti (ZUN)
Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People's Shapes (ZUN)
The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky (ZUN)
Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble (ZUN)
Eastern Mystical Dream ~ Ancient Temple (ZUN)
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?  (ZUN)
Ultimate Truth (ZUN)
Bloom Nobly, Ink-black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life (ZUN)
Border of Life (ZUN)
Charming Domination (ZUN)
A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy (ZUN) (Baka94)
Charming Domination ~ Who done it! (ZUN)
Necrofantasia (ZUN)
Dream of a Spring Breeze (ZUN)
Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream... (ZUN) (Baka94)

2.8. 7,5 - Immaterial and Missing Power

Broken Moon (coming soon)
Demystify Feast (shiratoriha)
Onigashima in the Fairyland (not available)
Eastern Memory of Forgathering Dream (unknown)
Dance of Witches (unknown)
Swift Battle (ALiCE)
Night Falls ~ Evening Star (Baka94)

2.9. 8 - Imperishable Night

Eternal Night Vignette ~ Eastern Night (ZUN)
Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes (ZUN)
Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect (ZUN)
Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird (ZUN)
Deaf to All but the Song (ZUN)
Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World (ZUN)
Plain Asia (ZUN)
Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night (ZUN)
Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (ZUN)
Love-colored Master Spark (ZUN)
Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome (ZUN)
Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (ZUN)
Voyage 1969 (ZUN)
Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon (ZUN) (unknown)
Flight in the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess (ZUN)
Voyage 1970 (ZUN)
Extend Ash ~ Person of Hourai (ZUN) (Baka94)
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke (ZUN)
Evening Primrose (ZUN)
Eternal Dream ~ Mystical Maple (ZUN)
Eastern Youkai Beauty (ZUN) (???)

2.10. 9 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Flower Viewing Mound ~ Higan Retour (ZUN)
Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path (ZUN) (aoba-ss)
Oriental Dark Flight (ZUN) (aoba-ss)
Flowering Night (ZUN)
Deaf to All but the Song ~ Flower Mix (ZUN)
Eastern Mystical Dream ~ Ancient Temple (ZUN)
Adventure of the Lovestruck Tomboy (ZUN)
Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (ZUN)
Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble (ZUN)
White Flag of Usa Shrine (Unknown)
Wind God Girl (Unknown)
Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll (aoba-ss)
Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land (Unknown)
Higan Retour ~ Riverside View (Yuki) (wrbk GM GS)
Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years (Unknown)

2.11. 9.5 - Shoot the Bullet

Wind God Girl (not available)

2.12. 10 - Mountain of Faith

Sealed Gods (not available)
A God That Misses People ~ Romantic Fall (not available)
Because Princess Inada Is Scolding Me (Ezequiel-TM)
The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road (not available)
Dark Side of Fate (not available)
The Gensokyo the Gods Loved (ALiCE) (unknown)
Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend (unknown) (TouhouMIDICreater)
The Gensokyo the Gods Loved (ALiCE)
Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall (Pikkun Moriya Scarlet) (Wrbk)
The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (not available)
The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw (not available)
Faith is for the Transient People (unknown) (Piano Only)
Cemetery of Onbashira ~ Grave of Being (Yuki)
The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field (not available)
Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not (not available)
Native Faith (not available)
Shrine at the Foot of the Mountain (not available)
The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain ~ Sylphid Dream (not available)
Player's Score (not available)

2.13. 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Heaven of Scarlet Perceptio (not available)
Usual Days (not available)
The Ground is Yellow (ALiCE)
Argue for and Against (not available)
Beautiful Nature Sight (not available)
Fragrant Plants (Komoko - Uni Akiyama)
Dancing Water Spray (Yuki)
Swing a Fish to Drive Away Flies (not available)
Free and Easy (not available)
Ridiculous Game (Yuki)
Drunk as I like (not available)
Skies Beyond the Clouds (not available)
Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish (unknown)
Flawless Clothing of the Celestials (Version 1) (Version 2)
Catastrophe in Bhava agra ~ Wonderful Heaven (samidare)
Bhava-agra As Seen Through a Child's Mind (???) (pon-nu)
Darkening Dusk (not available)
Eastern Heaven of Scarlet Perception (not available)
Eastern Mystical Love Consultation (not available)
Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star (not available)
Flowering Night (not available)
The Doll Maker of Bucure?ti (not available)
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When? (not available)
Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (not available)
Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life (not available)
Septette for a Dead Princess (Lisnoob) (Ezequiel-TM)
Night Falls ~ Evening Star (not available)
Broken Moon (ALiCE)
Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (Baka94)
Wind God Girl (not available)
Higan Retour ~ Riverside View (not available)

2.14. 11 - Subterranean Animism

Awakening of the Earth Spirits (not available)
the Dark Blowhole (unknown)
The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place (yosiyosi)
The Bridge People No Longer Cross (not available)
Green-Eyed Jealousy (???)
Walking the Streets of a Former Hell (not available)
A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe (hailstone) (???)
Heartfelt Fancy (unknown)
Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye (unknown) (icebhm23230) (???)
Lullaby of Deserted Hell (akira) (ALiCE, But it is edited by someone)
Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer! (yuki)
Hellfire Mantle (Akira) (unknown)
Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (unknown)
Last Remote (Akira) (unknown)
Hartmann's Youkai Girl (unknown) (akira) (???)
The Earth Spirits' Homecoming (not available)
Energy Daybreak ~ Future Dream... (not available)

2.15. 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object

A Shadow In The Blue Sky (terebi)
At the End of Spring (terebi)
A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander (Barhoum) (terebi)
The Sealed Cloud Route (terebi)
Beware The Umbrella Left There Forever (terebi)
Sky Ruin (terebi)
The Traditional Old Man And The Stylish Girl (terebi)
Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship (terebi)
Captain Murasa (terebi)
Rural Makai City Esoteria (terebi)
The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten (terebi)
Fires of Hokkai (terebi)
Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind (terebi)
UFO Romance in the Night Sky (terebi)
Heian Alien (terebi)
Returning Home From the Sky ~ Sky Dream (terebi)

2.16. 12.3 - Hisoutensoku - Unthinkable Natural Law

Did You See That Shadow? (AICE?)
Our Hisoutensoku (???)
Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure (shiratoriha)
The Eternal Steam Engine (unknown)

2.17. 12.5 - Double Spoiler

Newshound (not available)
The Mystery in Your Town (not available)
Youkai Modern Colony (unknown)
Nemesis' Stronghold (unknown)
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (Version 1) (Version 2)
The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (unknown)
Hatate Unlock (not available)

2.18. 12.8 - Great Fairy Wars 

Staking Your Life on a Prank (unknown) (shiratoriha)
Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity (Aoi)
Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars (Keiborn)
Magus Night (gondayu)

2.19. 13 - Ten Desires

ghost lead (Amiya GM - GS) (unknown)
Desire Drive (pieordie1)
Let's Live in a Lovely Cemetery (unknown)
The Dream Palace Great Mausoleum (unknown)
Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator (unknown)
Futatsuiwa from Sado (unknown)

2.20. 13.5 - Hopeless Masquerade

Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path (HertzDevil)

2.21. 14 - Double Dealing Character

Mysterious Purification Rod (not available)
Mist Lake (not available)
Mermaid from the Uncharted Land (not available)
Humans and Youkai Traversing the Canal (not available)
Dullahan Under the Willows (unknown)
Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon (unknown)
Lonesome Werewolf (Baka94)
Magical Storm (pieordie1)
Illusionary Joururi (pieordie1)
The Shining Needle Castle Sinking In the Air (HertzDevil)
Reverse Ideology (?)
The Exaggerated Castle Keep (not available)
Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess (unknown)
Thunderclouds of Magical Power (pieordie1)
Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat (not available)
Magical Power of the Mallet (not available)
Mysterious, Mysterious Tools (not available)
Player's Score (not available)

2.22. 14.3 - Impossible Spell Card

Raise the Signal Fire of Cheating (not available)
Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku (unknown)
Midnight Spell Card (not available)
Romantic Escape Flight (not available)
Eternal Transient Reign (not available)
Mermaid from the Uncharted Land (not available)
Reverse Ideology (not available)Illusionary Joururi (not available)
Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (not available)

2.23. 15 - legacy of lunatic kingdom

That Unforgettable Greenery of Connection (pieordie1)
The Rabbit Has Landed (thejunkjard)
The Mysterious Shrine Maiden Flying Through Space (pieordie1)
Frozen Capital of Eternity (pieordie1)
Faraway Voyage of 380,000 Kilometers (pieordie1)

2.24. 16 - Hidden Star In Four Seasons

Swim In a Sakura-Colored Sea (ShinkoNetCavy)
A Star Hope Rises in the Blue Sky (Karamitasu)
A Pair of Divine Beasts (ShinkoNetCavy)
Illusionary White Traveler (Karamitasu)
Into Backdoor (Karamitasu)
No More Going Through Doors (Karamitasu)
The Concealed Four Seasons (ShinkoNetCavy)
Secret God Matara ~ Hidden Star in All Seasons (Karamitasu)

3. Music CDs

3.1. Dolls in Pseudo Paradise

legend of hourai (unknown)
enigmatic doll (unknown)
Reincarnation (unknown)
Witch of Love Potion (ZUN) (???)

3.2. Ghostly Field Club

Girls' Sealing Club (unknown)

3.3. Changeability of Strange Dream

Kids Festival - Innocent Treasures (unnamed)

3.4. Strange and Bright Nature Deity

Star Voyage 2008 (wbrk GM - GS)
Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident (not available)

3.5. Eastern and Little Nature Deity 

Sunny Rutile Flection (yosiyosi)

3.6. The Grimoire of Marisa

Magicians Melancholy (unknown)

3.7. Dr. Latency's Freak Report

Dr. Latency's Sleepless Eyes (ShinkoNetCavy)

4. Fan Games

4.1. Touhou: Book of Star Mythology

Hate Not the Wind, Spring Blossoms ~ Eternal Wind (ShinkoNetCavy)

4.2. Touhou Doumeiju ~ Mystical Power Plant

The Call of the Nephilim (yoshimo)

5. Related Games

5.1. Seihou Project - Shuusou Gyoku

Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Ancients (unknown)

5.2. Torte Le Magic

Witch of Love Potion (ZUN) (???)
Magical and Hopeless (ZUN)
Sacred Battle (ZUN)

5.3. Uwabami Breakers

A Drunkards Lemuria (takashi)

6. Famous Arranges

The Kappa Way as Said ~ One Way Accelerator (unknown)
Beatmario - Night of Nights (Wrbk - GM GS)
IOSYS - Cirno's Perfect Math Class (ShinkoNet)
COOL&CREATE - Help me, ERINNNNNN!! (unknown)
nomico - Bad Apple!! (Version 1) (Version 2)
nomico - Bad Apple!! (China Black Music Team 2014) [Only for Vanbasco Karaoke Player!]
Rotten Apples (KaiserBeats) [another bad apple remix]


Rip the original MIDIs from Touhou 9


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    If any MIDI for songs from ZUN's music CDs are found, those should probably be added here too. Although, I imagine those must be very far and few between.
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