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Peam/OmegaLE models collection - A Project for GameBanana


Update 3 4y
  • - Added peam for sven coop
  • - added .44 desert eagle
  • - added .44 desert eagle+scope
Update 2 4y update 1 4y

1. brief description 

Peam Pipattanasomporn (AKA OmegaLE) 
Was one of the many modellers of Half-Life, He was active between 1999-2000. 
He is well known for his anime-style characters and for a high amount of polygons in their models (although for today's standards it is low) 
Its official site closed many years ago and its models are floating around the internet, This is a compilation of their original models. 
If you want to help, Or have a copy of them, let me know 
I would also suggest you visit the official gallery, This will help you look for your models 
PD: The models are ordered by date of creation (More new below) 

ModelDownload and specificationsLittle Descripcion

Arche Klain (Klein)

Oct 1999
This is my very first model that can actually run (fly) across the deathmatch battlefield. She is from Tales of Phantasia (PS).

I can remember of that time, I don't know how to make legs animate. So I have to find an alternative. It's end up with this model. A good avoidance, huh?

However, she is excessively composed of triangles (1800 and 2200 for low/high). The skin is nothing more than nearly-flat color, but has custom color capability.


Nov 1999
This is a model of me, but in anime version. I'd designed him not long before I was in junior highschool. But he's just become a 3d player running around and (get killed) kill other guys in deathmatch. 

Fukko Kirisawa

Nov 1999
Fukko Kirisawa is from Flame of Recca like two previous ones. Unlike Tsugumi, I use 2 of Biped ponytails for her tresses. If I compare the complexity of the models, Fuuko and Tsugumi, The latter is much more complicated but spend less construction cost (triangles). 

Her skin supports team color.

Kaoru Kokanae

Dec 1999
Carrying the "Animateen blade", a psychic device , Kaoru Kokanae from Flame of Recca tends to be smaller than standard valve's models. He slash an opponent with his blade instead of swinging crowbar. The mesh takes up more than 2200 tris which is considered to be a large number.


Dec 1999
Ribbon is from japanese manga, "Justice". Her face count is the most highest among my models (and maybe in the world of halflife models) -- 3500+ for high and 1800+ for low.

Her skin also extremely large, 1x512x512. Nonetheless it supports team color.


Dec 1999
Hikaru is from Japanese manga, "Hikaru no GO". "no" <-Jap can be translated to "of" <-English (i think). He is a good experiment on "Creating an illusion with the skin". What I learn from this model is about the synchronization of the mesh and the skin. 

Although this skin supports team color, lacking of my skill lessen its contrast after the conversion. 

Hikaru biped is Valve's standard one, so is his animations.

Hibari Hanakokanae

Hibari is from Cyber Team in Akihabara, like Tsugumi. She is very short, 139cm.


"Rigell" (Rye-gel) is named by WipEout (others help me name this as well: Pharaoh, Daniel, Scarecrow). I designed this character myself. I'm going to use him in my game.

Cardcaptor Sakura

This model polycount is high, 995, due to her skirt and spheres. Her legs aren't square, unlike other model I made. 
With newly learned technique (From WhiteDragon), I use it with her skirt bones. So her skirt bounces during move/run/crawl animations!

.44 Desert Eagle 

I created this model in order to try to create "fake chrome" on the skin. And it works out nicely :)

The model is 693 Tris (2 handed). I collapse and delete some faces on gordon hands to reduce the tris count. 

The skin is made by the same method that used to create beretta's one. I also add reflection map to the raytrace material to make the skin look more like "chrome".

Quartz (qtz)

Quartz is my original character.. I'm not the only one who design his cloth, though. It's done by a friend of mine. Quartz' 

Quartz is a thief. The curse make his left part turned into quartz and he lost his left eye sight. Later on he's able to control his curse and make use of it by changing them into various forms to aid his movement and battles.

He is the enemy of rigell

2. Sven Coop

OmegaLE, Officially, has not ported its models to svencoop, However, many people did it for the, Many of them are outdated, This list will only be updated and Tested models

ModelDownload and specificationsLittle Descripcion


This model was ported a million times.
I did not find any updated version so I decided to carry it myself

3. Somehow connected

OmegaLE has worked together with other people
There are also people who used their original models and edited them to make others completely new, It should be noted that OmegaLE said that there are about 5 models that are not named in their gallery And that it was made by the

ModelDownload and specificationsLittle Descripcion

.44 desert eagle+scope

Unknown date
Use the same old animations, But the model is completely new and more detailed

I do not know if it was done by omegaLE or by another person


None found


None found