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Status development CS:S maps for CS 1.6


Counter-Strike was the first game come out as a mod in 12 june 1999, after was updated untill 1.6 version, later an update to game engine was released, from Goldsource became Source Engine, new engine: new games. Counter-Strike: Source was the second Counter-Strike release and come out in 1 november 2004, but this time in Source Engine, with everything updated, gameplay, weapons, maps, ... After years, and years Counter-Strike become old and ugly compared with CS:S, so here appear CSS maps for CS 1.6, use css_ tag, a unique tag created by me for these maps, to be found easy and sort easy from other tags. Later in 2012, CS:GO comes up, a new version of the game, some maps are from CS:GO but still use css_ tag because is from source engine and more easy recognised by tag. 

Official css_ maps

Servers Using

There is a lot of servers of CS 1.6 using css_ maps, the best way for find these servers is on gametracker, a website who track servers: servers using css maps

All maps created by Tatu Eugen ,



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    I've played a lot on these css_ maps and I totally love them! They are very popular (atleast on the few servers I've played) and it deserves the popularity. Great job!
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