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M.Y Blender BitPit Bonanza (models) - A Project for GameBanana.

All of my Blender stuff.

let's say the project is "A bunch stuff for Blender that will probably never be finished entirely". Everything I make in Blender can be found in it's original .Blend format, complete with textures. Everything can be downloaded quickly from my BitPit. This page will act as a one-stop for everything I create, and maybe as a personal forum for when I need help with something. No license, free use, no credit yaddah yaddah. Everything ===== [Download Pig Face the Second]( ""). The best Piggybank I could come up with at 3 in the morning. Fear ye who tremble upon this forsaken unwrap. **Model has a mirror modifier that is active, but not applied.** [ Download Cabinets A]( ""). Twin cabinets for each end of a side-by-side washer/dryer. has a simple AO texture, with a large section dedicated to the countertop to accommodate any patterns or baked AO of static props placed on top. Optimised for against-the-wall, no under use. [Download Maximum Kill]( "Download Page") Not the BitPit (soooorrryyyy!). The greatest weapon in history, hands down. 2 Textures. [Download Tile Roof Blocks]( ""). [Download texture Paint.NET file]( ""). A monk stuck his imbrex in to a nun's tegula and this is the bastard child that came afterward. Each tile is it's own object for easy unwrapping by me.



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    This is some good stuff. The pig needs a better texture, tho.
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