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Visions - A Project for GameBanana.

An historical MMORPG set in ancient Rome with Christian content.

Visions is the flagship project that brought our team together. Visions is a 1st person 3D graphics MMORPG with a quest based and skill based gameplay in a persistent online world set in the 2nd century holy land.  Visions is currently being developed by an entirely volunteer team.

Players will have a vast variety of opportunities and experiences in the ancient world. They will be able to choose what role they wish to fill in society through a rich quest based Professions system. We currently have 20 professions planned. Adventurers will be able to learn the skills of a soldier, mercenary or a hunter. Casual players may choose a more sedentary profession such as Pottery, Mining, or Baking. While more creative players may want to learn dance, music, or sports.

A major aspect of Visions is for players to experience history! There will be non-profession quests involving the Ancient Roman time period and regions. A great amount of research is being invested into the game to create an immersive history experience that is as accurate as possible within the limitations of our technology.

And for those who wish to pursue spiritual enlightenment and experience Visions as a Christian game there are Scripture quests based on the King James Version of the Bible as originally planned as the foundation of the game. From these quests we derive the name of the game as well, as players will be able to travel backwards in the time of Biblical history through visions and dreams.

We do plan to implement player housing, avatar customization, various mounts, a variety of clothing choices, and vast expanses of terrain to explore to appease even the most diligent wanderer.

Due to the volunteer nature of our team, we have implemented a multi-stage release for Visions in which we release sooner but with very little content, to allow players access to the world, and as more content becomes available we will release patches to the game.  Obtain access to the game from our website at:


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