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ZE mapping template v1

A Map Prefab for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


update to mapping template 1mo
  • Addition added nuke template ( a lot of people seem to ask how to make a nuke in ZE maps )
  • Addition added another ZE mapping template made by fellow ZE mapper Enviolinador. Explains holds and some other useful stuff for ZE maps
Now you have complete ZE beginner mapping template to make Zombie Escape  maps :)

Dont forget to check previous update post!

Feel free to use templates in other game mode maps where you think  it will be useful!

for help and playtesting :
mapping template v1 1mo Improvement

NOT for complete hammer begginers

As the title suggests this is medium/advanced ZE mapping template for mappers who  already know  how to create maps in hammer sdk and want to try mapping for ZE  game mode or any other mode / map where stuff in vmf can be useful

It is advised to have some experience  working with entities and    inputs/outputs otherwise it will be a bit hard to understand some mapping  templates

This vmf contains 8 templates :

- No fall damage template ( disables fall damage in a map )

- Jump pad template ( makes  a jump / boost pad area in a map ,  change X , Y , Z values in output window for different boost / jump  direction and force )

-lasers mini game (  players have to use their movement skills and fast reaction to doge lasers    that come towards them.  speed , damage and direction of lasers can be adjusted in property window of entities. Laser shape can be adjusted too to whatever mapper can come up with )

- scalable hp system  ( basically gives specific amount of hp to func_breakable ,  func_physbox , func_physbox_multiplayer. To break the brush entity players have to shoot exact  amount of bullets otherwise it wont break. 1 bullet =  1hp but value can be changed ofc)

- CT / T no weapon damage ( basically  prevents  both teams from shooting each other )

- Special power up item ( when player picks up a pistol he gains special ability that can be used only by him as long as he doesnt drop a pistol. In mapping template its a wall that can be spawned every 30 seconds to block pathways , players , etc. This is just a basic system , mappers can go and create their own power ups that they can come up with.)

- Filtered button for T or CT ( template that makes only specific team being able  press a button and run outputs )

- brush entity collision template ( template that disables  collision for any brush entity which makes players being able to walk through it.  ex:  players being able to walk through func_breakable)

I suggest joining these 2 discords for further mapping help  and questions. There are lots of great mappers who know a lot of stuff about  cs go / css  mapping and vscripts.

If you want more specific templates you can suggest it in the comments

Zip comes with  already compiled map  and  packed custom laser sound that laser template uses.


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came up with disabling collision for any brush entity towards player
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help with reworking systems to make them clear and hopefully understandable to new mappers
Enviolinador Joined 11y ago
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maker of ZE template with more useful stuff that is used in ze maps


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