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What do you think of the Crysis Remaster? - A Poll for Crysis

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    Crysis don't need any remaster, cause it looks good without any remaster. But it needs a fix, fixing balance, making this game run on two cores instead of using one, make the game use PC's memory in more balanced way and make it feel like a game, instead of like a benchmark. Other words: Crytek need to make Crysis: Rebalanced Edition instead of remaster that makes things even worse. The only thing i like about this remaster, is the ability to quickly access your suit abilities without a need of selecting them via abilities menu. Also i'm glad that they removed lean abilities, cause they were completely useless. But yeah, the remaster itself is a crap because of it runs even worse than original game. And they need to stop this "Can it run crysis" nonsense. It makes me sick. Cause it's 2020, and soon it will be 2021, but Crytek still keeps acting like a little kids with their "Can it run crysis" nonsense. Seriously, just fix your game and make it feel like a game, instead of benchmark for PC testing. 
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    Their ray tracing looks very unconvincing, especially the shadow, it's baked, not based on light bounce.

    Even goddamn Microsoft, the first party of DX12, still uses DX11 in their recent game, Flight Simulator 2020, and not implement ray tracing.

    Yet, they made it exclusive to Windows 10.
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