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Does this selective giving-a-fork have a name? If no, then let's give it one.

It has always induced some sensation of mystery and hauntedness in me to look behind the scenes of maps and the style of their authors, where they just... stopped.

Back in CoD4, when Crossfire was so big, you could sprint for minutes on end without reaching the edge of the map, which made me wonder why the map stretched out so far in the first place even though a lot of it is unused. And why it had palms trees and other things while they could not be seen in normal play.

So I wonder, do map authors just not give a fuck about the 0.01% of people who use noclip or spectator mode and just zoom out of the map (like me), or do they do so because they have to respect certain mapping standards? In regards to potential performance issues if everything is detailed out, etc.

Are there any maps, apart from encapsuled ones (like gg_), that you know about which are fully detailed? Now, that would be interesting.

PS: Now one could say... "But you would end up with a scenario like that either way!"
Not necessarily. For example, at some points, maps just turn into complete blackness the further one moves out. So maybe up to that point where everything fades into black, full detail is possible, right? I just confused myself there
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    Hmm, Some racing games give me curiosity about the circuits which have some "blocked ways". I wonder if I can "clip-through" the barriers and explore the whole area.

    Don't forget about the "Upstate Liberty" area on GTA III.
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    Well, you're probably looking somewhere where the player isn't supposed to be, it's less intensive on a game's engine if things that aren't supposed to be seen anyways aren't even there at all, really a game's just an illusion, anything outside of what you see doesn't need exist.
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