Should i create my own gamemode (Escape)

A Poll for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Im thinking about making my own gamemode, it's like deathrun, but instead of someone activating the traps, the terrorists will see how the Counter Terrorists die or fall. At the end of the map, the CT's and the T's will fight in a little arena and one of the teams will win...

And... how is my idea?
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    There already is an escape gamemode.. Terrorists have to escape and CTs hunt em down.
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    Is it really interesting for Terrorists to "see how the Counter-Terrorists die or fall" ?
    And what's the point of fighting in a little arena at the end ? Like a FY map ?

    Well, I'm not really sure this can be a really interesting and refreshing gamemode. Or maybe I've not correctly understand your idea...
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