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Doom: Lucions Undoing A soft pulse. In a harsh world. Hey guys! In the past week, you may have noticed... well nothing was posted for last weeks news. And the reason isn't because we're dead or anything like that in any shape or form. We can gaurentee you that we are still strong and alive. One thing that was being finished was Terrain Concept Art as well as how we were going to package and deliver the project to the users. First things first, the concept art took us quiet a bit of time to finish up and polish. Hope you guys really enjoy the concept art. We know we did when it came to creating it (Razz \:P). Secondly, we are in the works of deciding if the code of the game should be released in open source according to the GNU/GPL licenses. This would also make the project a form of educational coding. And lastly but not least! We have decided to release the game, in two formats. Hi-Definition and Low-Definition. The reason this is, is because not everyone can afford a tank of a computer and we feel that it would be appropriate for everyone to enjoy the game. The difference between the two are going to be in game models and sounds, nothing more. And the High-Definition version will be slightly bigger in file size. Anyways hope you enjoyed the update. *Salute* [SOURCE]



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