CSGO Skill Surf Mapping Contest Winners

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The CSGO Skill Surf Mapping Contest has ended and after 2 weeks of judging we are ready to announce the winners! 

A big thanks to HardexJuxtapo and Tioga060 for judging this contest! And another big thanks to Killzone Gaming who sponsored this contest!

Runners Up

9 maps were entered for the contest and there's only 5 winning spots so sadly some must miss out. In no particular order, here are the runners up :

surf_journeys by razEr^surf : The judges all really liked this map and felt razEr^surf did a great job with the detailing and surfing. However they all agreed this map was sadly far too difficult for a contest aimed at Tier 1 or 2 maps. 

surf_ameliorate by granis_ : The judges felt this map was a decent map to surf on and got the difficulty correct. However it failed to stand out compared to some of the other maps entered into this contest in part due to it's fairly basic detailing and theme. The bonuses did stand out though as interesting and tough challenges to complete.

surf_satellite by iNooVa & Biji : This map showed potential with some fairly unique elements in the actual surfing. However this map was let down by a fairly overused theme of just 'Space' as well as the fact some of the judges felt the route was unclear in certain places when first surfing it.

surf_snowslide by JorisCeoen : All the judges enjoyed the concept and theme of this map. They agreed that it would be at home on any easy surf server and that players would love it. Sadly this map was let down by various issues like telehops, ramps showing through the 3D skybox and some unintentional stage skips. The judges stated they hoped JorisCeoen would continue working on the map after the contest as they feel it has great potential.

Winning Entries

In 5th Place
surf_intothewild by Koga73

The judges all noted the well executed theme for this map with Koga73 making good use of the CSGO engine by implementing sound and other environmental features. However this map was let down by it's surfing which started to seem rushed towards the end of the map and had sudden jumps in difficulty. Koga73 has shown that they are a skilled mapper and hopefully they will continue to work on the map.

 Winning: $40

In 4th Place
surf_pantheon_beta by Garanimal

The judges all had fun surfing this map and liked the fact that it was easily completable for new surfers but it's fast route provided a challenge for more experienced surfers. They also enjoyed the theme but felt it lacked detail especially towards the second half of the map. They agreed that this map has lots of potential and hope to see a finalised version.

 Winning: $60

In 3rd Place
surf_cyberwave by Mr.Cow

There's no denying the prettiness of this map and the judges all liked the theme and felt it was well executed. They felt the surfing was the right difficulty and the map was well engineered to make sure the route is clear and obvious. They did feel however that the surfing, while good, didn't stand out to them compared to some of the other entries. Even so they wouldn't be surprised if this map was very popular on surf servers.

 Winning: $100

In 2nd Place
surf_progress by Xtra_Festive & Sam_irl

The unique visuals of this map really stood out to the judges with it's clean aesthetic and custom models. The surfing provided a good tutorial for beginner players with the difficulty ramping up towards the end. However some of the judges felt parts of it were perhaps too awkward for a map catering towards beginners. The bonus/pro route provides a great challenge for more experienced players on the map.

 Winning: $150

In 1st Place
surf_whiteout_csgo_v1 by Phurix

This map really stood out to the judges, it has a great theme and surfing that are well executed throughout the map. The layout is well designed with the flags being a great way to show the players where to go, with only a couple of spots where the judges felt the route could be somewhat unclear. The judges found a few minor issues like some floating props, fps drops at a specific location and missing decals. However these didn't majorly impact the map and the judges declared this the winner!

 Winning: $350

Congratulations to all the winners! We hope you all enjoyed this contest!
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