CS:GO Zombie Escape Mapping Contest by Mapeadores!

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Mapeadores' Mapping FRANKENCONTEST!

A New Zombie Escape Mapping Contest!

Zombie Escape has steadily become the most played community game mode in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A great deal of its success comes from a very engaged mapping community, most of which stems back to the Counter-Strike: Source days, whose mappers have produced enjoyable content for players to enjoy. For a long time, releasing a map for Zombie Escape mappers meant uploading their levels to GameBanana. Server admins and enthusiasts alike would check this very page every odd day craving for new content.

Now Mapeadores, one of the largest Zombie Escape communities, is organising a mapping contest for everyone to participate! The objective is not as much to produce something for a single community, but rather to incentivise mappers to get to know the game mode, create something fun and have all servers grow as a result. Although the contest is not tied in any way with GameBanana, the maps that derive from it will most likely be uploaded here — and thus, GameBanana members that are unaware of it should also learn about it so that they can participate!

To make the contest ever more so interesting, members of the ZE mapping community have come together to produce a set of prefabs for the contest. The prefabs include content from GameBanana veterans like SyoudousLuffarenMojonero or me, enviolinador. Contest entries must use any of these prefabs, which implement entity systems never used before in ZE. Mappers are given full freedom over how to use the provided entity systems in their maps: the templates are nothing but little showcases of what the scripting system allows us to do in CS:GO! 

Contest Prizes

The contest includes a series of cash prizes and additional perks. Aside from the very well known Mapeadores™ [Mapper]® tag that will be awarded to every mapper whose entry ends up in rotation, we will also have top of the line $$$ prizes for the best 5 maps: 

  • 150€ for the best map altogether,
  • 100€ for the second runner up,
  • 50€ for the third frankenmapper,
  • 1 year of supporter-status in the server for the two remaining madmen.

Contest Rules & Guidelines

Your submission must be a Zombie Escape map, with any theme and gameplay style that you would like, including at least one of the experiments contained in the lab in some inventive way. Submissions do not need to be complicated, but they should be enjoyable for the players of the Mapeadores Zombie Escape server. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the gameplay settings in our community so that your submission is competitive.

Any map you submit should be a map you designed specifically for this contest. Previously released maps that you extend to include one of the provided gameplay systems will not qualify. Your submission will contain the map, which you will send privately to Morell, Syoudous or Enviolinador, preferably on the Mapeadores' Discord channel. Finally, you must include the contest billboard in the map, preferably at spawn or somewhere similarly easy to spot.

Maps will be rated according to design, gameplay, balance, use of the provided entity systems and fun. The rating will be done by experienced mappers and members of the community, also considering previous mapping work. We will positively reward people that publish outstanding content—beautiful sceneries, engaging gameplay, excellent level design, etc. Furthermore, showing progress will also be taken into account: presenting your own ideas so that other mappers can learn from you will play to your advantage.

Your map must be submitted before Friday 29th of March, 2019.

I wanna start! Where are the map sources?!

Simply click on the link below and get ready to RRRRRUMBLE! 

Interested in more? You can find the original contest post here, with additional information about the entity systems, how to contact us, etc. If you need extra help, hit any of us in the Discord channel!

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