The Heatwave Skinning Contest Winners

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The Heatwave Skinning Contest has come to an end and the judges have decided the winners! 

We'd like to thank all the entrants to the contest and since we only had a small number of entrants it means that everyone who entered is a winner!

We'd also like to thank to judges for helping decide the winners.

Winning Entries

In 5th Place
heatwave agent by KingstonCartel

The judges agreed that there was no denying that this skin stuck well to the theme of the contest However they felt that this was overall a rather basic reskin and that the author could have done a lot more to make this more interesting and unique.

 Winning: $10 & 3 months of Ripe

In 4th Place
Lava Lamp Stick by yumyumshisha

The judges expressed a bit of disappointment in this entry as a decent model and idea was really let down by lackluster textures and shaders. Had the author had a bit more time to spend on this skin the judges are sure they could have executed it to a higher standard.

 Winning: $15 & 3 months of Ripe

In 3rd Place
Warm Welcome by Devieus

The judges felt this was an interesting take on the contest theme if a little plain. They agreed that TF2 was the perfect choice for this kind of skin and that it suits it well. However they did state that it could benefit from subtle detailing like brush strokes, rust and scratches to help break up the flat texture.

 Winning: $25 & 6 months of Ripe

In 2nd Place
Fire Proximity Suit by Mykhail Kozak

The judges praised the concept of this skin, hitting the theme perfectly. The effort put into this entry really stood out as creating a custom player model is no mean feat. However the judges did state that they felt it was a shame that it looked like CrazyBump was used and that better normal maps and shaders would have really helped this skin.

 Winning: $50 & 6 months of Ripe

In 1st Place
Blazing Pump Skin by NvC_DmN_CH

The judges all praised the execution of this entry with it's custom model, textures, shaders and sprites. Their only minor complaints were that the shaders could use a bit more work. Beyond that they really liked this skin and it's a worthy winner of first place!

 Winning: $100 & 1 year of Ripe

Congratulations to all the winners! If you have any ideas for themes for future contests, please let me know.
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