CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest Winners

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The CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest has ended and after 2 weeks of judging we are ready to announce the winners! 

We'd like to thank all the entrants to the contest, the maps you all came up with were great with some really innovative ideas on them. 

We'd also like to thank all the communities that sponsored the contest as well as provided judges to help score and comment on all the entries. Thanks to Rebel's Corp, CLWO, HeLL Clan, Outbreak, Swoobles!, Thorax GamingKillzone Gaming, SkynetGaming and Edge Gamers Organization!

Winning Entries

In 5th Place
jb_tropico by Taurus#

The judges gave a mixed response to this map. Many praised the amount and varied types of minigames that were implemented into this map. However they did feel that most of the games, while offering unique twists beyond just the standard games, weren't as innovative compared to some of the other maps we had submitted. Some really liked the tropical theme while others felt it strayed to far into just looking dusty and a bit bland in places. Other complaints included that its size means that it struggles on larger servers as well as some of the buttons for the games being very easy for the T's to press.

 Winning: $30

In 4th Place
jb_lost_planet by Riczz

The judges complimented the design of this map with them stating that was a great execution of a space theme. The games tied well into the map and there were some fun and interesting ones.  Unfortunately many of the judges reported issues and bugs related to the minigames, ranging from some just not working to others makings players invincible. While these should be quick fixes, it meant that this map drop points as it had to be judged on its current state.

 Winning: $60

In 3rd Place
jb_marioworld_rsc by Hypilix

The top 3 maps in this contest were very close and the judges gave this entry a lot of praise. They enjoyed the theme and how well it was used throughout the map. They also felt the map layout and balance was excellent with options for the T's to rebel but not too many to be annoying. The games were also well done and a lot of fun to play as the T's. With the top 3 being so close, the negatives came down to smaller issues like there being no minimap as well as the game simply not being as innovative as other entries.

 Winning: $90

In 2nd Place
jb_chicken_island_b1 by ^Dede

Splitting the top three maps was almost impossible and it came down to minor details. All the judges loved the design and concept of this map and the praised the effort put into it. They loved the unique and innovative games included in this map and found no major issues with any of them. This map is clearly made with large servers in mind and functions great with lots of players. Given how close the scores were, something simple like a minimap may have been enough to push this map to first.

 Winning: $130

In 1st Place
jb_arcade by thorgot

The games on this map really impressed the judges earning a perfect score in that category by nearly every judge. They praised the originality of the games included and how much fun they were to play on as well as the effort put in to even get some of these games work in CSGO. Some of the judges did feel the design was a bit bland in places while others liked the simplicity of it. Some judges also mentioned that rebelling was a bit difficult despite plenty of things to help the T's, the CT's  had very defensible positions to stay in. However even with that, the amazing games carried this map deservedly to first place!

 Winning: $200

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope you all enjoyed this contest, we have another mapping contest coming very soon!
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  • WazBlaz avatar
    WazBlaz Joined 3y ago
    406 points Ranked 11733rd
    A very well done to the winners! Was a hard competition for me to judge!
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  • NvC_DmN_CH avatar
    NvC_DmN_CH username pic Joined 5y ago
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    • 3rd Place - The
    NvC_DmN_CH avatar
    Apocalyptic Flag
    Congrats guys!
    • Thanks x 2
    DmN means DiaMoNd avatar
    DmN means DiaMoNd
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  • Raphi avatar
    Raphi Joined 7y ago
    12,567 points Ranked 377th
    23 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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    • Submitted 20 Maps Medal icon
    • 6 years a member Medal icon
    • Mapper of the Month, January 2015 Medal icon
    • Winter Worlds Mapping Contest Entrant Medal icon
    Thanks everyone for participating, I hope your maps will be added on most servers because they deserve it!
    Too bad I couldn't participate ;) 
    Strange map, you said ?
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  • ^Dede avatar
    ^Dede Joined 2y ago
    479 points Ranked 10306th
    6 medals 1 rare
    • 2nd Place - CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
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    • Submitted 5 Maps Medal icon
    Thanks to all participants for some brand new Jailbreak Maps and Congratulations to all winners !
    Also a big THANKS to Gamebanana for Hosting this Contest including Mini and Raphi +  all the Jailbreak Communitys who made this prize pool possible !

    and last but not least thanks to the judges ... whoever you were ... xd

    Let's enjoy our new Maps :)
    See ya next time :P
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  • MatzWhat avatar
    MatzWhat Joined 2y ago
    263 points Ranked 16456th
    Congrats, well deserved Thorgot.

    Any chance for my scores to be sent over?
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  • Taurus# avatar
    Taurus# username pic Joined 5y ago
    5,837 points Ranked 870th
    38 medals 5 legendary 8 rare
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    • Submitted 50 Maps Medal icon
    • Received thanks 50 times Medal icon
    Great contest!
    The submissions this time were quite good.
    It was fun competing with you guys.
    Can't wait for the next contest.
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    Mapper Taurus# avatar
    Mapper Taurus#
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  • Hypilix avatar
    Hypilix Joined 6mo ago
    Thank for the all entries and congratulations to Taurus, Riczz, Dede and Thorgot :)
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