Black Mesa Improved Xen V0.4 (MOD) Released.

A News for Black Mesa

Here you can download the mod version 0.4 This is the full version, does not need to install Xen v0.1 and v0.11 Attention! This mod is compatible with the Steam version of Black Mesa, released in 2015. No longer supported by the mod of Black Mesa (2012) due to different versions of the engines and some differences in the game.
Just a one quistion, How Vlad Get Xen ground beta textures, When Crowbar Collective didn't released it yet. Great Mod and like The graphycs also.
Added Gonarch, Nihilanth More powerfull than before, also New baby crabs.. Enjoy the mod.


In the "Lair of the Gonarch" location, performance can sometimes be greatly reduced.
- When transition from xen_c4a1cd map to xen_c4a1e, the game may crash with the "Bad inline model number #" error. Basically, a bug appears if the game starts with the chapter "Xen" or "Gonarch's Lair" If so happens - loading the save will not help. Type in console: map xen_c4a1e and continue the game.
- Gonarch still needs improvement, as between of him and the environment are observed conflicts. For example, he often finds himself on his baby headcrabs, so far this has not been fixed.
-After the transfer of BM to the new version of the engine, a bug appeared, because of which the attack of the vortigaunts goes to  "themselves."
As far as I know, this is a conflict of collision of displacement surfaces with vortigons. It negatively affects the gameplay in the locations, in particular this chapter of the Interloper, so this physical part was disconnected in the places where the vortigaunts are present. This causes a number of other minor miscalculations in the collision of objects, but there is no other circumvention of the bug now. It should be fixed by the developers.

All credits goes  to:Vladyslav. (A.K.A Zloykot "Evilcat")
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