Nix Update - Patch 2.48

A News for Brawlhalla

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Nix, the Freelance Reaper arrives in Patch 2.48! Nix is a Scythe and Blasters wielding legend with great speed and defense, and deadly signatures. We’ve also made performance improvements, adjusted game balance, and more in this patch! 

New Legend - Nix!
Title: Freelance Reaper
Weapons: Scythe and Blasters
Stats:  4/5/7/6
Nix Launch Skins!
  • Scarecrow Nix
  • Lockdown Nix
  • Grim Reaper Nix
New features about the game:

> Added Odin's Spear.
> Ancient Chest available on Malhalla.
> Performance improvements.
> Better user interface.

Gameplay Improvements:

> Weapons:
  • Katars damage and stun time decreased.
  • Axe damage and attack recovery decreased.
  • Bow force increased.
  • Scythe stun time decreased.

> Legends:
  • Ember's bow force increased.
  • Azoth's axe force increased.
  • Lucien's blasters force decreased.
  • Jhala's sword damage increased.
  • Hattori's sword damage decreased.

> Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where a stunned player could slow more than intended when bouncing off of a surface at specific speeds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sigs to beat thrown items due to clashing logic. Thanks for the replay /u/AisuHusky.
  • Fixed a bug where in the event of an Accident, the knocked out player plays the KO FX of whoever hit them last rather than their own.


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