2016 Halloween Skinning Contest Winners

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The 2016 Halloween Skinning Contest was a fun one, with plenty of spooky and scary entries! This was our first contest to include WII U based entries, which I hope all of our new members enjoyed. The contest this time around was very close, with the winners only separated by a couple of points! Without any more delays, the winners can be found below:

PC Judges' Scores

In 3rd Place
 Halloween Pumpkin Grenade - By ZeroWave

This pumpkin grenade was praised for it's clean looks, great use of the glow effect and while not being the most complex entry, the fact that it was completed to a high standard and fit the contest perfectly.

Winning: $25!

In 2nd Place
 "The Shining" Axe - By Yogensia 

The judges felt Yogensia really showed off his talents here, producing a great model and textures to match as well as his ability to take a good idea and implement to such a high standard.

Winning: $50!

In 1st Place
Widow Shotgun - By Corvalho

The judges could not find fault with this skin, from it's gorgeous model, to it fantastic textures, this truly is the perfect weapon to take into battle with you against the undead hordes. Getting the theming and quality spot on, this really is the worthy winner of the contest!

Winning: $100!

Wii U Judges' Scores

In 3rd Place
 Halloween Villager Pack - By MarineMechX2 and Ignetia

This pack of villager skins was applauded by the judges for the work put in to move away from the default texture base, making good use of normal maps. This entry really stood out to the judges and for good reason!

Winning: $25!

In 2nd Place
 Witch Rosalina - By KTH 

KTH really showed off his skills here, producing an excellent model edit to make Rosalina nice and spooky in time for Halloween. The judges did feel the UI images and normals could use a little work but apart from that, overall a great skin!

Winning: $50!

In 1st Place
Specter Knight - By krakelak

All the judges complimented the amazing model work and the skill do so starting from just a 2d sprite. Well rigged and well styled, this skin has it all. A worthy winner of the contest!

Winning: $100!

All the winners will be contacted soon via PM with details on how to claim their prizes. Have a nice day!


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