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CS2D Update

A News for CS2D

Thought CS2D was dead? Nope. :)

After a long wait of CS2D fans, CS2D version is now released with its wide changes, fixes and newly added contents.

  • Bad re-join delay after a map change (was 3000 seconds instead of 3)
  •  Fixed vulnerability which allowed to disrupt communication between servers and the U.S.G.N.
  •  The "Friends" button blink effect was misplaced after introduction of "Quick Play"
  •  Crash when killing an already killed player
  •  All sounds should now be stopped on disconnect or server shutdown
  •  Left handed option checkbox in options showed inversed state
  •  Server details window (rightclick on server in list) displayed some wrong texts
  •  "Quick Play" won't try to join a server you failed to join because of a ban again (in the same session)
  •  New light engine with better performance, more features and without map size limit
  •  Using new skins from smn's "First Complete Skin Pack"! Thanks to smn!
  •  Tile #0 is not rendered in mini map / map export / radar (when it's a normal ground tile)
  •  Tile shadows won't be rendered on tile #0 anymore
  •  Hostage skin rendering now supports alpha channels instead of simple masking only
  •  Improved bullet & bullet hole particles/effects
  •  Interrupting (Ctrl+C, SIGINT) or closing (X button, SIGBREAK) a dedicated server will now gracefully stop it
  •  Bigger explosion animation with more frames
  •  Support for multiple sound file extensions: ogg and wav (tries to load in that order)
  •  Support for multiple image file extensions: png, bmp and jpg (tries to load in that order)
  •  The game now actually scales up when using custom resolutions, borders only for non 4:3 resolutions
  •  Rebalanced shotguns to reflect CS 1.6 more accurately
  • Removed connection setting
Newly Added:
  •  New super awesome advanced radar with included mini map
  •  Command setteamscores tscore ctscore (sets the team scores for Ts and CTs)
  •  Command sv_soundpos soundfile x y player (plays a sound at a certain position and, if provided, a certain player)
  •  Command sv_forcelight to force advanced lighting to be enabled for all clients
  •  Command sv_daylighttime to change the time influencing the day light
  •  Commands setbackground, setbackgroundscroll and setbackgroundtiles (set map background image, its scrolling speed and scrolling-as-tiles mode)
  •  Spritesheet support for Lua images
  •  _CS2DVERSION Lua global
  •  Image wiggling (player images with X >= 2 wiggle with the player, if enabled on the client side)
  •  Lua image modes 4 (background image, covered by everything, including floor tiles) and 233-264 (background image following player)
  •  Clientdata mode 4 will now also return an SHA256 checksum of the requested file (empty string if file is outside gfx/ or sfx/)
  •  New "spectating" property to Lua function player and new "specswitch" Lua hook
  •  Lua functions checksumfile and checksumstring (get SHA256 checksum of file or string)
  •  Main menu music (sfx/menu.ogg)
  •  Round-by-round reloading for shotguns ("_roundin.wav" files for custom reload sounds)
  •  Lua hook "shutdown" (on server shutdown)
  •  Lua functions io.enumdir (iterate over all files in a given directory) and io.isdir (check if a given path points to a directory)
  •  More resolutions added to Launcher.exe
  •  Info_RadarIcon entity which allows to place icons for the advanced radar on the map
  •  Some new settings for Env_Room, Env_Light and Env_LightStripe
  •  Day light time setting for maps in map editor
  •  Light effect for molotov cocktail fire
  •  Serverlist now has a light column which shows the "force light" setting
  •  Serverlist status icons are now animated and more fancy
  •  Modding support (see mods/Readme.txt)
  •  Editor map export opens CS2D folder for easier access to mapexport.png
  •  Command line parameter "-systemmouse" to use the mouse pointer from the OS instead of the CS2D mouse pointer
  •  Dynamic object id parameter added to Lua hooks "hit", "shieldhit", "kill" and "die"
  •  "Classic Skins" mod, containing the old player & weapon skins from previous versions
NOTE: Those Screenshots are just example of what you can see in newest version. There are more to see, so I recommend downloading it and see for yourself :)

Have thoughts, problems and opinions? Feel free to comment!

You can download CS2D ver1.0.0.2 HERE 

Credits: DC(UnrealSoftware)
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