CS 1.6 Mapping Contest Winners Announced!

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After a long wait the winners are out!

Although we only got a handfull of entries, we were presently surprised by the community reaction and interest in our first ever dedicated CS 1.6 mapping contest! There were several great maps, and with a bit of tweaking following our judges critique we think they could go on to become great maps!

Before we go on to the winners I'd just like to remind everyone about our brand new "Tutorials Contest" that we launched on Monday, covering all areas of game dev there really is something for everyone! Whether you're a level designer, a 3D artist, animator, sound artist, or any other discipline, why not write about what you know bets and share your knowledge with the community for the chance to win some serious cash!

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Runners Up
(In no particular order)

An interesting map that fulfilled the theme fairly well. Certain areas did feel fairly blocky and while we accept that is somewhat expected in a 1.6 map we felt more could have been done to finesse the brushwork. Also we agreed that VIP was a poor choice of gamemode for the map and felt that de would have suited it better to help with the gameplay. As it stands the VIP zone is very defensible for the terrorist team which we felt would give them a strong advantage.

Journey Though Hell by Reydifox
An ambitious entry that mixed several gamemodes together. While this intrigued the judges, we felt it didn't manage to fully pull off this blending of gamemodes. Coop PvE is a lot of fun, climb and jump maps are a lot of fun, merging them just felt odd. We all agreed that the map showed great potential, but that the style of gameplay chosen let it down.
k_under by Kicius
Overall we felt this submission didn't succeed at being an enjoyable climb map. We felt the route was confusing in multiple places, some of the areas were too dark (which while fine in a normal map, is a pain when you're trying to do precision jumps) and that the theme felt a bit stretched. A temple in a ravine didn't fully tell of a Journey to the Center of the Earth and the judges found parts of the route confusing and frustrating.

csde_arenacore by Giani A7X foREVer
Unfortunately crashed for all the judges meaning none of us could provide an assessment. Crashes like these should really be caught by testing the map.

Commiserations to the runners up, however we hope you take the judges feedback on board and continue to improve your maps. Anyway ... now on to the winners!

In 3rd Place

de_retrostation by trempler

Another great looking map for this contest, the highly detailed textures made it almost not feel like a 1.6 map at all. We did have some issues with the map though, with it requiring the players to manually enter a console command to view the textures as well as the layout largely borrowing from Dust 2 meaning we couldn't mark it as high as we would of liked for originality.

Winning: $50 Cash

In 2nd Place

de_subsanctum by team.twhl

A fantastic looking map that made great use of the theme to place aliens at the center of the Earth. Unfortunately an issue with a massive player clip where the bomb sites which should have been caught in testing meant we couldn't place it higher in the winners. We felt the mappers showed good skill and potential with the map and even with such a minor mistake causing a massive issue, they deserve their second place.

Winning: $100 Cash

In 1st Place

de_downward by Z(Rus)

A strong and solid map that stuck to the theme well. It is enjoyable to play and looks great with it's custom content and it's awesome giant mining drill. If we were to fault it on something, we would have to say that we worry that the sliding doors could have a negative impact on the gameplay. Still though a worthy winner of the Journey to the Center of the Earth Contest!

Winning: $200 Cash

We will be contacting the winning authors shortly..

You can view the full list of entrants and contest details here.
If you are a developer, or community wishing to gain exposure by running a contest on GameBanana please contact Jon.Higgins@GameBanana.com.

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