DayZ Standalone Update

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Another update of the DayZ standalone has been posted on the development blog where Dean Hall talks about all kinds of improvements and new features, but like he said in his post "too much going on with the development this month, hard to fit it all in one post".
There have been major improvements on the lighting and volumetric cloud system that really makes the world come to life. Colors are less bright and gives you the feeling of a normal real life environment. Also they are working on a complete redesign of their servers' architecture so it functions like other MMO style games. This means that the people do not get all of the updates they send, the server controls the behavior and the sending of updates. By doing this cheaters will no longer have access to all the necessary files. > We are exploring spawning all zombies and loot at the start of server initialization. This should solve many problems with spawning and respawning gear.
Their new clothing system allows you to put on and drop various items of clothing. These items can have diseases on them, and they have durability and other attributes. Talking about clothing, they are working on more character customization by letting people select the gender and race of their character, but also they want to let your character change as a result of the interactions with the environment and the decisions you make. They also announced that they have begun their internal closed testing and are working together with Valve to ensure the new server browser system is working perfectly. With all this said, they still have no idea when the game will be released, it's not the time to rush Dean said. > We don’t know. We’re going to take our time. For more information visit their official development blog.


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    look kinda same.... just standalone is darker and has more vibrant.... probly have a littlebit more better texture
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    > **Posted by kinggambit**

    > The thing that has always worried me about this game is the latency issue...

    Well I live in Belgium (Europe) and played on a LA (American) server and was playing with a smooth 160 ping.
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    The thing that has always worried me about this game is the latency issue. With such an open environment that has to relay information for so many things, it's hard to imagine players will have good performance (just remembering watching streamers play was painful).
    Hopefully, I'm proven wrong.

    Yeah, and they need to make zombies actually a threat, so you REALLY don't want to be killing them off unless you have to.
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    > **Posted by %%Zoe101%%**

    > Glad they're making it so there's not really any more perma-death.

    > And it's coming to steam so that's a plus :D

    wait, no more perma-death? why?
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    Glad they're making it so there's not really any more perma-death.

    And it's coming to steam so that's a plus :D
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    It's clearly Bree time baby!!
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    I honestly cannot wait for this now. They have made such a great improvement as to what it is now on the ARMA 2 engine.

    The game is a load of fun if you're playing with friends and it has endless possibilities as to what you can do in the world.

    I cannot wait for this.
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    this site is dead
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    I just read on their blog that you can customize your weapon.
    I'll think id be going for this one then.
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    Looks sexy, now they just have to make zombies more than just an annoyance.
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