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Texture Fixes Pack - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 1.5 5mo
  • Addition Added some missing Margaret bustups.
  • Optimization Reduced pack size significantly.
  • Overhaul Separated project files from the mod download.
As of this update, project files have been separated from the main mod download.

To better support the auto-update feature in Aemulus, a preconfigured version will be offered as the primary download from now on. This is the same version used in the Community Enhancement Pack and includes the following:

- All of the fixed character textures (including the optional ones, except for the Yu Summer Clothes).

- Corrected bustups for Margaret.

- The blank "Abipas" sports bag texture.

- The Persona 3 Movie posters.

Should you wish to mix and match the textures you use from this mod, you will need to download the project files and make your own Aemulus package from them.
Version 1.4.1 - Aemulus auto-update compatibility 8mo BugFix Version 1.4 8mo Addition Version 1.3 9mo Addition2 Removal Version 1.2 10mo Addition3 Removal2 Adjustment

A collection of texture fixes for P4G

1. Introduction

This mod contains a collection of texture tweaks for Persona 4 Golden.

Primarily these are costume textures to make the main cast's clothes more accurate to their portraits, but I may thrown in some others occasionally as optional extras.

You can find a more detailed explanation of my design choices in one of the comments below.

If my work has made your P4G experience more enjoyable, please consider showing your appreciation at my Ko-fi page.

2. Features

2.1. Yu Narukami

  • Summer Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Winter Uniform (minor tweaks)

2.1.1. Optional

  • Summer Clothes (graphic redrawn)
Not a straight-forward upgrade. Better matches his portrait and his texture in future appearances (e.g. "Dancing All Night"), but isn't as accurate to his appearance in cutscenes.

2.2. Yosuke Hanamura

  • Summer Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Winter Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Midwinter Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Summer Clothes (graphic and text redrawn)
  • Skiing Clothes (hat graphic and sweater text redrawn)

2.3. Chie Satonaka

  • Summer Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Winter Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Midwinter Uniform (graphics redrawn)
  • Midwinter Clothes (graphic redrawn)
  • Skiing Clothes (graphic redrawn)

2.4. Yukiko Amagi

  • Summer Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Winter Uniform (minor tweaks)

2.5. Kanji Tatsumi

  • Winter Uniform (graphic redrawn)
  • Winter Clothes/Biker Jacket+trousers (graphics redrawn)
  • Midwinter Uniform (graphic redrawn)
  • Summer Uniform/Vest (graphic redrawn, tattoo fixed)
  • Summer Clothes/Vest (graphic redrawn, tattoo fixed)

2.6. Rise Kujikawa

  • Summer Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Winter Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Skiing Clothes (graphics and text redrawn)
  • Summer Clothes (pattern redrawn)

2.6.1. Optional

  • Winter Clothes (pattern redrawn)
Not a straight-forward upgrade. Better matches her portrait and her texture in future appearances (e.g. "Dancing All Night"), but isn't as accurate to her appearance in cutscenes. 

2.7. Naoto Shirogane

  • Summer Uniform (minor tweaks)
  • Winter Uniform (minor tweaks)

2.8. Fox (Hermit)

  • Fur re-coloured to better match its in-game portrait

2.9. Eri Minami (Temperance)

  • Increased vibrancy of clothing and hair textures so they don't look so washed-out

2.10. Yumi Ozawa (Sun)

  • Corrects the slight green tint to her hair which isn't colour-accurate to her portrait.

2.11. Margaret (Empress)

  • New bustup portraits to correct her hair colour and make it accurate to her model / modern appearances.

2.12. Miscellanous (Optional)

  • Alternative "Abipas" textures
This is for the sports bag you'll sometimes see NPCs carrying. There are two options: blank or an Adidas logo - I always found the original to be odd/distracting so I use the blank one.
  • "Persona 3 The Movie" posters
These textures replace the movie posters above the 30 frame cinema in Okina. See screenshot above for a preview.
  • Simoazzo avatar
    Simoazzo Joined 10mo ago
    745 points Ranked 46,108th
    hey, I checked out your mod and it looks nice, I'd like to use those textures in my "less flat character" mod in which I am replacing some pieces of the 3d models of the characters with the ones from P4D (like hairs, glasses, and stuff), I will include you in my project OFC and give you credit for them, it just seems a good idea to put those better textures directly in my edited .gmo files.
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  • This is a great mod, but I'm not using it. There are too many inconsistencies with the original art that make this an optional mod rather than a must have or quality of life mod. 
    - Kanji's front shirt skull is supposed to have hearts for eyes.
    - Kanji's skull arm tattoo and summer tiger print just look worse in general.
    - The flowers on Rise and Chie's summer outfits, and Rise's winter outfit, are also really inaccurate to the originals. 
    - Rise's summer dress is also missing the satin finish in the original art. 

    But overall you seem to be aware of all this. So this is a great mod. I hope someday you might take a look at some of the low res world asset textures, like the sofa in your room, and the cinema facade textures.
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  • Hello there,
    Thanks for the mod, was wondering if you can answer a small question,
    what format do you save your textures as?
    I am personally using gimp and i wasnt able to save my texture edit in a way that shows in the game (actually been trying since the release of velvet izanagi to no avail so far!)
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  • Do you have any advice if we want to use all the costume tweaks? Since many of them edit the same folder can we only use one at a time? Sorry if this is a silly question. 
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