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fy_ng_morpheus2 - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

Low Gravity map - UT tribute to DM_Morpheus -

-- FY_NG MORPHEUS2 -- ================== >> Description ------------------ Again a remade map from Unreal Tournament. It's not a port. I decided to make it simple and fun to play. So i used oldscool Half-life textures and some custom textures for the Skyscrapers. Low Gravity in the outside areas. Inside rooms, the gravity will be normal. Why is it morpheus2 instead of morpheus? The reason is simple. fy_ng_morpheus had a game_player_equip and AK47 for each team. It was quite boring and some random crashes with 32 Players forced me to remap it. fy_ng_morpheus2 has now buy zones, 2 scouts, 1 AWP and some shotguns hidden on the map. This will give more freedom to play this with gungame or deathmatch mods! >> Sky Texture ------------------ These awesome sky is not my work! I found it here on Gamebana from [Strelok]( "Strelok"). I had to rename the files of the skytexture. We already had a skytexture on our server, which was completly different than this. So, when others would download the map, they would not have seen this sky! So i had to rename it. >> Map parameter ------------------ **Spawns:** 32+ **Gravity:** Low outside - Normal inside buildings **Gametype:** Buyzones enabled - Ready to use for other gametypes (GG, DM) **Performance:** *sigh* ... big outdoor map ... expect 1000 WPoly on some edges. Most around 600 - 800. Don't ask me about zones at mapend :O **Weapons on map:** 1 AWP - 2 Scout - 2 M3 shotguns - 1 automatic shotgun **Mapping time:** 1 Day **Playtested:** Yes - 32 Player on: - No crashes >> Bugs + Feedback ------------------ We found none! So if you found one, report it to me. Negative and positive feedback is welcome. Feel free to contact me. This is my second low grav map beside gg_ng_hyperblast >> Special Thanks ------------------ Thanks everyone for playtesting this map and everyone from []( "") Yeah and my girlfriend. Who else gets the idea at 5am on sunday morning to randomly wake me up and say "You could make morpheus for CS, could you???"? ... So i made oO ... now let me sleep xD
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    About gameplay. I cannot write much about gameplay, because main idea of map was to make it as much similar to original map as possible. The gameplay is most suitable for dm and gg modes. It's still fun to play without any modifications, but shotguns are on a bit disadvantage. Whole map structure looks well done and does resemble original map. Surprisingly it has quite low polly. Only drawback would be spawn places. It looks really unrealistic to be only connected with 16 units floor without any supporting structures. Texturing is trully well done. I love that they are consistent with each other. I didn't really like ceiling texture that resembles wall with fence. It didn't really fit there. Also there were few places where textures weren't aligend properly. To sum up, map looks really amazing, has quite nice gameplay and perfectly resembles original map. 9.6 from me. Good luck with next project.
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