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GO: Dust II - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


Final Final 2y
  • Removal Removed ball interaction. Reverted back to static prop
  • BugFix Fixed null texture on B
Ball Update:

So the pushable ball isn't really a good idea. I tested it on different versions of  CS and the result varies.
Final 2y Improvement2 BugFix2 Addition 1.2d 2y Adjustment3 1.2c 2y BugFix 1.2b 2y BugFix4 Adjustment

CS:GO Dust II Map for CS 1.6 Clients

"Dust II", also known by its filename de_dust2, is a video game map featured in the first-person shooter series Counter-Strike. Dust II is the successor to "Dust", another Counter-Strike map, and was developed by David Johnston prior to the official release of the original Counter-Strike game. It was designed with the aims of simplicity and balance, based on its symmetrical design and two points, for which the two teams must fight over for control.

The map was first released in March 2001 for the original Counter-Strike game and is present in all games in the series. Apart from graphical updates, it underwent minimal changes after its initial release, before receiving a major revision in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in October 2017. The map has been popular with players since its initial release, and both its original and revised design in Global Offensive have been positively received by players and mapmakers. -Wikipedia

  • Direct map layout port from the original game
  • Complete map overhaul based on CS:GO
  • Almost every faces are textured based on map details on CS:GO
  • 32 adjusted spawn points to prevent "killed by worldspawn" scenario.
  • A few scrolling clouds?
  • Optimized for CS 1.6

  • Extract the downloaded .zip file to and copy the contents into your "cstrike/czero" directory.

  • Set the "gl_max_size" convar to "768" to enjoy full texture resolution. You can type in "gl_max_size 768" directly into the game console before starting a match or add the command into your "autoexec.cfg" file located inside your cstrike folder.
  • If the map is too bright/too dark, you may set the "gamma" to "3" and "brightness" to "2" then restart the game. It is the default setting in CS 1.6.
  • Just don't die easily in game :P

If you want custom footsteps sound, append these lines of text in "materials.txt" located in "cstrike/sound/".
D dust_sand_02
D brick_blend_05
D brick_blend_08
D brick_blend_09
D brick_blend_10
D bsiteb_spray
W tspwn_crt01
W tspwn_crt02
W tspawn_crt03
W tspwn_crt04
W c1_dr
W ceil_wood
W crate01_ft
W crate01_lf
W crate01_tp
W crate02_ft
W crate02_lf
W crate02_tp
W crate03_ft
W crate03_lf
W crate03_tp
W crate04_01
W crate04_02
W crate04_03
W crate04_04
W crate04_05
W crate05_bk
W crate05_ft
W crate05_lf
W crate05_rt
W crate05_tp
M door_frame
M dumpsterft
M dumpsterrt
M gate_02
W gate_tc2
W gate_tc2_frame
W gate_tc_frmtp
W gate_tocarve
M metal_trim_01
Y sb_glass_01
W siteb1_crate01
W siteb1_crate03
W siteb_crate01
W siteb_crate02
W siteb_crate03
W siteb_crate04
W siteb_crate05
W siteb_crate06
W siteb_crate07
W siteb_crate08
W trim_03
M truckbk
M truckft
M trucklf
M truckrr
M trucktp
W wdpllt
W wood

Why is the map size a bit large? ~25mb.
- It is because I individually textured almost every face of the map for better fps in exchange of fairly larger bsp file size.

Why are some models not correctly lit?
- Engine limitation. Model entities are only sampled once. The lighting is based on the single root bone.

Why is navigation file not added on the map?
I'm lazy... and I find it hard to name every place correctly.

For the best experience with bots, download the navigation file by Tigre11ify here:

If you found a bug in this map, please post a comment here with a detailed explanation (include screenshots) to help me fix it.

This is the final version of the map. If you found a minor bug, just treat it as an undiscovered feature. :)
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    neymarjrr Joined 11mo ago
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    man, please make for cs source
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  • Ravs avatar
    Ravs Joined 5mo ago
    5mo 5mo
    In a matter of realism for CS GO this is perfect! But you forgot the main part of the game ... GAMEPLAY !!!

    Some parts of the map, there is no way to do "utilities" on top! Invisible walls, which in logic should not exist! What's the point of creating a CS GO style map, if you can't use it correctly? I believe in you, I only cared about your appearance! But, in terms of gameplay, you left a lot to be desired !!!

    Places you can't take advantage of:

    TR does a FLASH in the background, there's no way, the flash doesn't pass, it's hitting something invisible!

    FLASH the "house" in the background, but the flash hits the sky and goes down.

    Whoever marks in the "newba" position on BOMB A is also useless, we have to expose, to make a "bomb".

    Someone who stays there branding, in newba, has no way of hitting anything there, because there is an invisible wall on the side of the coconut tree! If you hit a bomb, it will hit an invisible wall

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  • Ghost1643720 avatar
    Ghost1643720 Joined 3y ago
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    6mo 6mo
    If anyone can hand over me the textures used for this map, I might try making a Detail Texture map.
    Also, please rename the map as de_dust2_csg, otherwise CTs could not be able to buy defuse kit (game expects de_ prefix to enable buying defuse kit)
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  • Can you make detail graphics for csg dust 2?

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    Place the new B door inverted
    Casual Player
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    Combine Industries
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    Ich Will
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  • Minni Mouse avatar
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  • when i playing this map, usually this map give me like a fps drop when playing. and btw great map you made guys
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  • AgentIHD avatar
    AgentIHD Joined 1y ago
    what wad files that are used in this map?
    is it possible to replace its wads into an HD one(like cs_dust.wad replace with an HD wad of cs dust.wad) so the textures like the floors in T spawn wont look like blurry?
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  • Amazing job guys, its really interesting how people still care about 1.6 which is great, but it would be really cool if someone ports this map to CSS. I have no clue how to decompile recompile maps or anything, tried using hammer, couldnt even set it up xD. Any chance of you guys porting it, just asking :)
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