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DE_SANDSBLOW - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

Press FIRE to continue DE_SANDSBLOW

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    **Improvements:** - can not be 32 users instead of 24 ?
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    Well, finally a good map for Counter Strike. Thought I did review it, eh? _Well, first let's talk about the good points._ The map is based on a dusty terrain in an afternoon environment. The sky in the same is quite same as that of Dust II. The architecture. Simple yet unique. The layout of the map is very simple. As per the architecture, the structure to the entrances of the small rooms are well done. Critical parts of the map, for example sniping points are not situated in a open environment but fully covered. Er..Gameplay. I would say that this map has a balanced and tactical gameplay. Certain parts of the map are linked well together for easy access. The sniping points (rather, sniping ranges) in the map are very well balanced, giving benefits to both the teams. Sniping Point 1 Sniping point 2 There are many boxes in the game..but the most important part is their position, they are very well placed. Their location and height compels the players to jump at the maximum range to get on those boxes. Some places in the map, boxes are kept in such a way, yet confusing that actually they could lead to some nice points of camping and assault. Here are the two such occurrences I found... Nice way of putting Boxes Nice way 2 _Now the Cons of the map, eh?_ Despite its good points, the map has quite some disadvantages. First of all, let's talk about the bombsites. Bombsites in this map are a total mess.. First of all, they are too close to each other, making it easy for the terrorists to swap bomb sites, thus making the map unbalanced. Secondly, the CT spawn is too close to each of the bombsites. The CTs have to walk nearly 4-6 m to get to the nearest bomb site. Bombsites are some thing that should not be too close to each other and must be on the opposite sides of the map (as depicted in famous maps like Dust II and Inferno) I wanna talk about the stairs. The stairs are too steep, as I have noticed and it cant be climbed up rapidly sometimes. Though if you walk up the stairs straight, you would have no problwm but generally when you are not so careful or taking cover, you could get stuck in them. Also, when I play with bots, they too get stuck and jump like mad to get over the next stair.. Texture misalignments, I found some. Here is the picture :- Misalignment Note that the opposite side of this map also has a misalignment. I also noticed that the textures are not tillable which looks bad..especially the brick texture used all over the map. Well, as already told earlier, the boxes are well kept..but in screenshot 1 where I depict about the boxes, there is another region adjoining it, now only if this thing was superficially increased a little, then it would be possible to get there. Depicted in the screenshot as follows .. Only if we could do that.. This is just a suggestion to improve. Its upon you to decide whether you will take this or reject it. Now, the last note. The scope of the terrorists, as I have seen, is large and so, terrorists can camp in many places before rushing out, unlike the counter-terrorists, who are enclosed within certain boundaries. Now this could be considered as an anomaly of a map or just a principal of _DEFUSE_ maps. That's it, I hope my review is complimentary, updated and correct to the point.
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