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de_mountainpass - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

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    Harris said most of the things I would say. To me, would be enough moving bombsite B near the skyblue crate. The gameplay could improve a lot. Maybe make some reformations to complement the new bombsite.
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    This map has a lot of potential to it but it seems like you were in a rush and released it quick. The layout is great except the fact that the bomb sites are way too close to each other,so it doesn't matter if the terrorists plant the bomb in A or B. The brush work looks pretty neat and the textures are properly aligned. That being said the rooms look empty and all there is in most of the map is the same barrels and crates. A good idea would be to use different textures for the bomb site crates and barrels (the ones that have the flame icon on them). Also the A and B sprays would look better on the walls. Another con is that the lighting doesn't really correspond to the skybox you used. Here are some suggestions : - First of all make the bomb sites away from each other,because as I said above it doesn't matter where the terrorists plant the bomb as it is now. The only thing CTs will have to do is camp all over the base and they'll have both bomb sites covered. - Find a better way to fill empty space instead of adding crates,barrels and containers everywhere. A good way to get inspiration is to come up with a scenario and build the stuff that comes in your mind. - Add a little color to the light-enviroment entity or make it darker so it fits with the sky you chose. - And last but not least,never be in a hurry if you can't get inspiration for something you're making. Of course you can submit stuff but I'm just saying that because I used to make that mistake in the past a lot. So yeah,great design but you can do a lot more stuff with this. I will rate 7 so I can give ya a 9 or 10 if you consider making a new version :)
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