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de_mario_air - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

======================================================= Mario_Air by DocRock CS Mod by [ACORNS]Chippy ======================================================= Map Name: de_mario_air.bsp Author: DocRock Author email: Homepage: CS Mod Author: [ACORNS]Chippy CS Mod Author email: Homepage: ======================================================= LEVEL DESCRIPTION: Defusion Map: Yes Suggested Players: 8 - 15 New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes Map description: A Counter-Strike defusion map set in a mario world. Currently played at Acorns `R Us server ======================================================= Objectives: ------ Terrorists ------ Plant the bomb and/or eliminate all CTs. ------ Counter-Terrorists ------ Defuse the bomb and/or kill all Ts.
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    This one looks cool. I think is time to fix the navigation mesh :P
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    This map looks cool

    time to port it to Ricochet,or atleast try
    Im Lazy
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    It looks more like a ricochet map
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    Fuerza Natural
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    Looks nice :]
    CS 1.6 addict
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    No comments
    S.I.C.K. Industries
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    sure , I understand m8 ; that's why I trashed my comment Luvin' the map ;)
    Boom GitShot...
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    Pros: Captured the crazyness that is the essence of mario Cons: i don't like the places you spawn straight after you fall, i think it would be better to spawn at the ct spawn for ct's and the t spawn for t's
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    @xjuanx1: Biielzinhu this and my friend, do not have to make two accounts on FPSBANANA ;) I wonder if he can judge me , then he evaluates. I got him on msn! And the map was not me that did , had the most FPSBANANA took, then I've uploaded it again: D
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  • can you plz make this map css by any chance?
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