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de_lancity - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

A map made already 2/11/2019
I optimised it better as possible.

In an unnamed city there is a LAN local what opened few weeks ago, since that congregation of protestants go more usually there to play Counter strike.... thing disapprove priest and few radical....
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    Hey vodka,
    today I tried your new map. It's great, both look and gameplay-wise, but unfortunatly I see also some potential of optimization:

    1. The r_speeds are a bit too high. That's not the same thread nowadays than back them, because of our high speed computers, but I think you could optimize it more.

    2. The road just ends here in a gap, which doesn't look good. Would be better if you build the road ahead, blocked by a construction etc. But this also would be bad for your r_speeds, I know^^

    3. At one point you can climb some ladders and view to top of these houses, which are lacking a correct texture. If you try to optimize your r_speeds you could also think about doing null texture here.

    4. Please include your custom textures into the bsp file!
    I don't know if it's just me, but I hate all those wad-file scattering around in my main cstrike folder ;-)

    But overall: Great map, keep going!
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    cool map look like a computer shop
    sup name's Skullsmith
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    Welcome player!

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