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de_anal - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


Version 2.0 19d
  • Amendment Blocked roof access
  • Addition Added street lights
  • Improvement Improved emergency lights of police car
  • Improvement Improved lamp of restroom
  • Tweak Decreased strenght of front windows
  • Tweak Decreased bomb radius
  • Addition Added grill sound
  • BugFix Various minor bugfixes

Just an ordinary gas station...

First note: I know about the controversy with the name,
but that's why people would download it, isn't it?
A map named i.e. de_gasstation would be boring and uninspired instead.

This is my brand-new map which parodies a german gas station brand.
The layout is a bit similar to de_bank from CS:GO.
It has only one (but huge) bomb target in the center of the map and 3 main pathes to reach it. It features open wide spaces as well as closed rooms.
Textures are made by myself as well as by DeadManiac (de_altstadt) and a wad-compilation named "TDK" (unknown author).

Just an ordinary gas station (Bomb/Defuse)
by Cmdr
Textures by Cmdr, DeadManiac, TDK

A nice, little gas station in a german city.
Two teams, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, are spawning here
and... Let's see what they have to do...

One of our team has found a bomb in his inventory.
Look, there is a gasstation! Let's make a huge fireball and have fun!

Well, this is a DE-map. So we guess the terrorists will plant a bomb somewhere.
Try to find this bomb and defuse it, before all this will gonna blow.

Other notes:
What have you suspected by the map name?
This is just an ordinary gas station!

(Press the ANY-Key to continue)

  • a-anal?????? wtf XDDDDDDDD?
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    me when
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    le funny map name makes me want to play it
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    FKA: M1KU
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    Me: "Meh, there's no such funny map names made in this game"

    *sees this *

    Also me:
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    Ive ever heard the tittle but where...
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    What A Mess...
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    You should've put a decal that says "I love anal" somewhere behind a secret wall, that would've made this ten times better!
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    tom pls fix
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    1y 1y
    ahhhhh, the title ._.XD
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    HaBLas EsPAñoL?
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    Really awesome map with good atmosphere! I love there is secret room that you can get in there but I don't know where to find the button, there is also cold storage room that can damage your health which I love it because you put amount of detail on this map! So for me 10/10 !

    The toilet bowl is full of poop, so don't open it.
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    hmmm anal...
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    Semper fidelis
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    Electric Experience
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