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ze_toaster_b2 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A giant toaster! Includes random paths/missions, a boss and an awesome ending!

I created this map in the course of about a week, due to the high-priority requests for more CS:GO ZM/ZE maps.

  • 64 players
  • Randomized paths, missions and endings. Creating a more random and dynamic experience
  • A boss. The "Ermah-toast" which runs after the players, killing them.


  • Fixed a major issue where the toast blocked the path, resulting in a dead end
  • Optimized the map heavily, in means of file-size as well.
  • Removed/fixed the weird dotty shadows on the walls and floors
  • Fixed an issue where the start lever / elevator went through the players, as for blocking.
  • fixed the missing cubemaps

Do not edit and/or reupload this map, do not copy parts from this map without asking either. Feel free to decompile the map to look at how things were done though.

Any questions, bugs or suggestions? Send them to [email protected] Enjoy!

  • Anonymous
    **Pros:** - Decent skybox **Cons:** - Poor trigger placement
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  • SilentBr avatar
    SilentBr Joined 13y ago
    I really like your map but there is a problem. The beginning is impossible to pass. When the CTs is getting the top, the zombies already are up there using the ladder. Maybe you can change the beginning? The zombies in my server spawn after 18 seconds and they got teleport to the spawn point. It should not be so difficult as this beginning. Thanks.
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  • Cisneros avatar
    Cisneros Joined 11y ago
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    Perfect map! :D
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  • ColdZero avatar
    ColdZero Joined 10y ago
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    Awesome work like always Luffaren I#m looking forward to newer versions
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    Kaemon Joined 11y ago
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    You should really think about doing the minor extra effort of making a CS:S version; at least when you have sorted out the bugs/timings. XD I don't have CS:GO so far, and probably won't for some weeks/months; but I really like chaotic (non-symetric) mapping, the general layout and the concept itself. Boss non-included reflected on those opinions. XD
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