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ze_silent_hill_2_illusion_b5 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


b5(final test version) 7mo
  • Addition newly added particle effects.
  • Adjustment added zombie push.(reduce map difficulty)
  • Adjustment better map radar.
  • Addition new map environment.
  • Adjustment map script adjustment.
  • BugFix fixed map material errors.
  • BugFix fixed other trigger bugs.
  • BugFix fixed special effects of the third level.
  • Overhaul redesign some defensive areas.(reduce map difficulty)
  • Addition after completing the third level,unlock new musics.(Promise and Theme of lauraof silent hill 2 game)
  • Adjustment added playerclips in the surfboard of second stage. (reduce map difficulty)
  • Tweak adjust the zombies push countdown.
  • Addition added new model.(wheelchair)
  • Addition supplement mapeffect in the stage 3.
  • Addition added a mysterious picture Easter Eggs.
  • Optimization optimize the details of the third stage.
  • Adjustment adjust the channel of texts.
  • Improvement You can turn off the lights in some scenes.
particle effects:
Blood Dripping
Floating blackdust

new map radar:
brighten and add wireframesee, make the outline of the map clear.

new map environment:
(appear in the stage 2)

new model:
(wheelchair of Silent hill )

 (deadbodies models of l4d2)
This effect is very good for me,but it will increase the file size of the map.

The inspiration comes from this picture. I have forgotten the name of this l4d2 map.

video preview

supple whiteroom mapeffect.
b4 8mo Adjustment b3_7 8mo Adjustment Optimization2 Addition b3_5 8mo BugFix Addition b3_3 9mo BugFix Adjustment4

About map copyright
*The map is open to all csgo servers.
*If you want to transplant or modify the map, you don't need to ask me for authorization, just keep the original author's name.

Map by: G-Villagehead
SteamID Link

Map tags
,Scare,Bloody,Darkness,Silent Hill
It is recommended that you play alone and open the game sound to experience the best horror atmosphere of the map.

Map introduction
This is a traditional zombie escape map,it has no boss, no items and npc, You need to use your limited grenades and guns to fight zombies,It's the second work of Silent Hill Blackblood,Compared with my first map,It's more exquisite, rich in details, more creative and longer process. The map is displayed in multiple square boxes for the convenience of later optimization.At the same time, in order to enhance the terrorist atmosphere, I added some terror jumpscare.but this map has no fogworld of silent hill game and whole process will be dark and depressing.It has nothing to do with the plot of the Silent hill 2(original game),this is just a other work of the silent hill subject.
These scenes were redesigned by referring to other horror games and using the materials of silent hill. I'm not going to recreate the original game scene of silent hill, but to start a new chapter.

As human beings enter into the inner world, they are cursed and disturbed by silent hill. They begin to have mental illusions, and then see many unnatural phenomena and terrible scenes. In the end, some human beings could not bear the strong interference, and then became zombies and crazy attacks on human beings until the whole army was destroyed.
Let me give you a brief explanation with this image.

When you suddenly come to a very clean space, it's a fake. It's the first illusion that you are eager to return to the normal world. It's not until you go to the yellow door that you regain consciousness. You've been trapped in a terrible world. Take up your weapons to fight zombies and escape from this terrible place.
In the game, I didn't explicitly add subtitles to explain the story, just a few hints.

About map stages
Stage 1 (Normal)
Simple defense areas and zombies push to help you,about 12 minutes of the game process.
Stage 2 (Normal)
In my opinion,the second level is the simplest,about 10 minutes of the game process,but it's a bad ending,you are trapped in a dark space.
Stage 3 (Hard
It's very important to defend multiple zombie attacks and cooperate with teammates. Then take the elevator to escape from this horrible place.
good end.

About chinese text scripts
I'm sorry that I didn't provide an English translation for this map,For one thing,because my English very bad and The administrator doesn't translate for this map into Chinese and add countdown. I don't have power to modify text in China community servers,So I solved this problem by using scripts.for another,I didn't know how to use stripper before and providing two versions of map files will cause server conflicts,maybe Koen can help me write an English version stripper to make up for it,these are my troubles.
now,I use translation tools to write this article,I hope you can understand it.

Other map informations
Map Inspiration

the Illustration is my map route design inspiration of stage 3.It's made up of dark blackroom and
bloody whiteroom.the scenes inside are my own imagination. I started to design from the resources I collected, including horror, scene design, sound processing and level design.

Bloody and 
horrible white room 
The scene appears in the third level and the second level, playing similar to ze_santassination_v3,both sides need an average number of people to defend,until the end of the line.

black room is the original atmosphere of terro,compared with the bloody white room, the black room looks dark, messy, rotten and disordered.

tentacle trap

You will see a disgusting wall on this map. It's not my prank. It belongs to the horror element of Silent Hill 3. I try to imitate this cool effect.

blackwater passageway(stage 3)

Finally, the surviving human beings will meet in the passageway of repression,Then they will enter the final escape route.

Some of the resources are not made by me. I just extract and borrow them, and make them into ZE maps to provide entertainment instead of commercial use.

 * About textures from:

•Silent Hill
•Silent Hill 2
•Silent Hill 3
•Silent Hill 4: The Room
•Silent Hill: Origins
•Silent Hill:Homecoing
•[Left 4 Dead 2 Maps] Dark Wood Extended
•[Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod] Grey
•own textures

* About sounds from:
•Silent hill sounds box
•Devil May Cry (Original Game Soundtrack)
•[Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod] Grey
•[Left 4 Dead 2 Maps] Dark Wood Extended
•some of own liked soundcloud musics
•SCP game

* About models from:
•Silent Hill 2
•Silent Hill 3
•[Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod] Grey
•[Left 4 Dead 2 Maps] Dark Wood Extended

Extra map information

Compile time: 15 minutes
Compile configuration: 


-game $gamedir $path\$file


-fast -game $gamedir $path\$file


-StaticPropPolys -hdr -textureshadows -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropSampleScale 0.25 -game $gamedir $path\$file

Copy File

$path\$file.bsp $bspdir\$file.bsp

Build time: 2021.3.19 - 2021.6.1
This version is no longer updated.
Map size: 149mb
If you are interested in horror and map making, you can watch my YouTube video to see how I make maps in this style.because in zemaps pool, horror theme is very scarce. the purpose of doing this is to encourage most players to make maps of this type.