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ze_pizzatime_v9 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


V9 4y
  • - Fixed issue where the normal volcano ending killed everyone inside
  • - Fixed/expanded a few commands
  • - Did a whole lot of optimization in order to prevent crashes
  • - Added cleanup script to remove all unneeded edicts at round end
  • - Slowed down/capped the amount of jar-jar binks sounds being played at the same time
  • - Extended the final hold on stage 2 (from 30 secs to 60 secs)
  • - Tweaked the item use effects, it should now be more flashy/clear that an item is used
  • - Fixed issue/exploit where you could get stuck forever on a quadbike outside the TP area
  • - Reduced boss 1 hp (from 2000 to 1800)
  • - Reduced boss 2 hp (from 2000 to 1500)
  • - Reduced boss 2 attack rate when defending (from 1.50 secs to 2.50 secs)
  • - Reduced the volume of the boss pizzas
  • - Tweaked the boss pizza roller, there is some working collision that will act as cover during the boss
  • - Added Tonetta music for the finale (1/3 chance of it playing)
  • - Tweaked item-pickup printout text
  • - Tweaked the "Death Pizza Staff" item - zombies HP gets set to 100 instead of 500 AND the freeze is completely removed
  • - Tweaked the "Hot Pizza Staff" item - it burns/slows for longer now
  • - Tweaked the "Fast Pizza Staff" item - it will now give you lowgrav on top of the fast speed
  • - Tweaked the "Rock Pizza Staff" item - it is much bigger now and has more HP (from 2k to 5k HP)
  • - Tweaked the cooldowns on all items, they are now individual instead of being at 30 seconds each
  • - Added screen text display when you pick up an item, stating the name + cooldown time in seconds
  • - Increased megagun cooldown (from 50 to 100 secs)
  • - The megagun will slow/freeze zombies for a longer time now (from 5 secs to 10 secs)
  • - Added "Bright Pizza" zombie item - shoot 5 flashbangs ahead to blind people
  • - Lowered the tickrate of the barrels, also optimized the physics/how it starts
  • - Optimized the jar-jar script heavily
  • - Reworked the boss so less sounds are spawned/played at the same time
  • - Lowered the attack rate of bosses in general, increased damage slightly to compensate for it
  • - Removed 1 quadbike to reduce entcount (there's 3 in total now)
  • - Removed a bunch of unused code related to the quadbikes
  • - Fixed an error in the event script, optimized some things on top of that
I was hoping that V8 would be the last version, but it turned out that many more fixes/tweaks were needed.

Hoping for V9 to be the last version, not promising anything though ;)

The items should now feel a bit more responsive to use, i'm hoping to see more people picking them up

Good luck, the pizza is aggressive!
V8 4y V7 4y V6 4y V5 4y

It's time to kick ass and eat pizza, and i'm all outta ass


Map by Luffaren (STEAM_0:1:22521282)

The universe was empty, until one day...
Everything started with a dough
Followed with tomatoes
Merged by cheese
Finalized by a set of complex ingredients for the mix we call life

Follow the everyday French man, seeking his inner pizza
Work in the pizza mines of mount guuhl'dur
Meet an old friend
Be aggressive towards your neighbors
Hail pizza


The map includes the following:
- 64 spawns
- Traps
- Secrets
- Multiple path choices
- 4 items
- Lots of pizza
- Shrek
- A volcano
- French people
- More stuff+++


Happy eating!