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ze_frostdrake_tower_v1 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Climb the tower, kill the frostdrake!

* ze_frostdrake_tower *

Anchelion, the legendary frostdrake from ancient times already forgotten by man, has awoken to the world once more, cursing the land into an eternal winter. Now, at the top of the tower from a time unknown, he gazes into the plains of ice and death that he himself has created. Gather your allies, ready your weapons and venture towards a great journey to slay the drake and break the land free from his curse. Good luck, you'll need it.

The map contains the following features:

  • 64 player spawns
  • A huge tower to climb with various holds along the way.
  • Multiple paths in several areas, requiring teamwork.
  • A bossfight (with a made-from-scratch model by using Blender)


  • The recommended time for spawning zombies is 10 seconds.
  • The map is really long, it takes around 20 minutes to complete. I've put a command in the map to force mp_roundtime, but i just wanted to mention this in case something were to override it in your servers.

-- Have fun! --

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  • One of my favorite ZE maps of all time. Magmadrake when?
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    Probably one of the most well made maps I have ever seen. Amazing what you have accomplished with this. I salute you.

    Would rate it 10/10 if i could.
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    Posted by Horny_banana

    Can someone, port this map to Counter-Strike: Source, please the map is very wellmade!!!

    This map is currently being ported from CS:GO to CS:S by Soft Serve whom i trust with this with the only condition being that it's just the same as this CS:GO version (1:1)

    Other than that, i don't think any updates would be necessary for this map. I think that i'll leave it as it is since it's been playing out pretty alright through the past year. 

    Right now my main focus lies within the runner up to this map, which is called ze_magmadrake_tower
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  • Can someone, port this map to Counter-Strike: Source, please the map is very wellmade!!!
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  • Favorite zombie escape map. No doubt one of the most challenging maps and has a staggering amount of detail. 

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  • It's pretty easy if you beat it without freeze nades : P. Google How to beat Frostdrake Towers GFL server.
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    I made a small tutorial of the boss.
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    I personally don't think any changes to help humans are needed like zombie blockers etc. The only thing is that some servers have limited ammo or it likes to refill only few times which is not enough, so maybe some points where ammo gets regenerated + screw the nades - 1 per round is enough imo. Played it a lot on SteamGamers server and we made it to the boss fight ( no friendly zombie run - zombies were outnumbering humans 2:1 or so at the last hold spot before the boss). In overall map is great and addicting but requires teamwork, bit of jumping skills and less stupid door huggers.
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  • Player guide here: Please add the "http" format. Guide is in .zip format that contains 80 images in .jpg format. Half the guide is based upon 50% live server play while the second half is from free-play based upon logical defence points.
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  • **Pros:** - Really cool design/look. Seeing the giant tower the first time is cool. Epic feel. - Cool and original boss - The clanking sounds as you turn levers - Big map, lots of fun climbing and running up - Going in and out of the tower as you climb up is fun **Cons:** - Too hard for CTs - Too many levers. - No extra grenades to help CTs make the huge climb. On some servers, like ZEUS Zombie Europe server found here: , where we have limited ammo and only 2 grenades, we simply don't have enough ammo to win. **Improvements:** - I thought about segmenting/breaking the map in 2-3 ''stages'' as another user said, but I think that's a bad idea that would mess up point of the map. So I have a couple better ideas... - My First Idea: - Remove all but 3-5 levers. Make the map more of a constant, non-stop run up like ze_alien_mountain_escape or ze_thousand_steps. - My Second Idea (leaves the map more as/is): - Add a table of grenades every so often to help CTs. Maybe halfway up the tower, add a table with a few Negevs or AK47s for people who ran out of ammo? - Make it so CTs have to ''hold'' less time after you press levers. Cut time by 25-50 percent, maybe? - Hold back zombies for 5 seconds after some parts where you have to press multiple levers to proceed, to give CTs time to regroup. Especially the part where you need to press 3 levers to activate the elevator in the beginning. **Notes:** - This is definately one of the coolest maps to have come to CSGO for the past year. Just gotta make it alittle easier for CTS. :) - I noticed on a solo run there is a place, about halfway up, with two statues and a pedestal between them. Will there be an item there? :O
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