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ze_fe8_sacred_stones - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


v2 Upcoming changes 8mo
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Quick reminder:
The current version v1_10 may have some stuff that I did that can be considered plain stupid therefore the upcoming v2 with proper fixes and overhauls will come soon. In the meantime, feel free to skip stages if anything is considered as "too hard"
Reminder: v1_10 Stripper 10mo Addition v1_10 The Last Balancing Update 10mo Addition v1_9 Stripper 10mo Addition v1_9 10mo Addition
Map by iXi,
This is my first attempt at making a map for the gamemode. It took me 5-6 months from not knowing what hammer editor is to this map. I hope you all enjoy this adventure. Map is based on the story of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. 

The map contains:
1. Five unique stages + warm up...
2. Three Human items + 1 assist item
3. 3 fun and challenging bosses, I hope :wink: :wink: 

-I've included entwatch already as well (not embedded)
- I've also decided to add in a stripper mainly for servers that don't read story in English. Instead they get the boring defense timer

Admin Room:
setpos 7546.161133 -12948.755859 -14.919189;

Special Thanks:
Smexy, tilgep, SoliloquyDW, Devil, Demon, Luffaren, LzYoRHa, MarshyMellow, Jelman, Vector, WxYz, QQQQQ, and many more for putting up with my map test.

- urucy for gayness testing
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    This new map by IXI explores Fire Emblem and sprouts 5 lvls of interesting gameplay. Despite this being his first map, this was really fun to play and learn. If the bugs can be ironed out, and teams can learn the map more, I can certainly see this becoming a favourite of the server.

    Level one reminded me of the aesthetics of rizo (lvl 2) and provided a wide-open area for players to defend, while level two combined tunnels with brightly lit crystals to guide two paths. Lvl three, albeit now removed, was a sewer based escape, while lvl four provided castlevaina (lvl 3) vibes with the town stead.

    The boss fight, lvl 5 however, was where I had the most enjoyment, (if im completely honest). A new boss arena, with attacks that aren't necessarily hard, such as wind, darkness, electro, dragon faces (just avoid them) but the intervals between the attacks reduce up as the boss fight progresses. This did lead to some unwinnable combinations, like swords and electro, but it didn't take the enjoyment out of coming back and trying it again. Hence the reason we spent 9-12 rounds on it.

    Maybe it was just the atmosphere of zeddys, maybe it was the map itself, but I certainly felt entertained and encouraged playing IXI's first map, It does have some needed fixes, and balancing will continue to take time, however I can't help but think of this map fondly. 

    Thanks for making an enjoyable map!

    (this is my youtube channel for bugs and glitches in need of fixing, here is a video of this map so you can see what needs to be fixed in action!)


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