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ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


V1 Version added 6y
  • - Read changelog in description
B3 Version added 6y B2 Version added 6y

Zombie Escape in legoland continues!

This is a sequel to the last map, try to fight ur way through 6 stages and beat the final evil boss to end his reign over the legoland.

Map Features:

  • 3 Normal Levels and 3 Extreme Levels.
  • 6 Different Bosses that try to wipe out all the humans!(Nades do alot of damage to them, Use Them!)
  • 9 Special items for humans.
The map is in beta and most likely has some balancing issues, so any feedback is appreciated. Write any feedback here or contact me on STEAM directly

B2 Changelog:

  • Removed some traps.
  • A few changes on Extreme 2 boss.
  • Some traps are now only enabled on Extreme mode.
  • Edited a few holds on normal mode.
  • Fixed a bug with kill trigger at end of stage 1.
  • Fixed a teleport on stage 3 which wasnt working.

B3 Changelog:

  • Fixed some more bugs.
  • Further balancing on all stages (minor changes which im too lazy to write out).
  • Flamethrower has 8 uses now instead of 5.
  • Reduced the damage that nades do to bosses.

V1 Changelog:

  • More optimization.
  • Heal now restores your kevlar aswell.
  • Minor changes on all levels.
  • More bugfixes.
  • Fixed final boss hp not counting properly.

V1_1 Changelog:

  • Quick fix for extreme 1 boss and the red lightning doesnt ignore kevlar anymore.

V1_2 Changelog:

  • Reworked all the boss targeting triggers
  • A few final bugfixes and small balance changes

V1_3 Changelog:

  • More opimization.
  • Changes on the final boss.

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