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ze_diddle_v3 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


V3 5y
  • - Read the description below for the full changelog
V2 5y V1_6 5y V1_5 5y V1_4 5y

Get diddling!


A collaborative map project made by:
> Luffaren (Spawn) / (The limbo of Shrek) / (The final Diddle)
> Turtle Reactions (The virus)
> Hichatu (Weeaboo Annihilation)
> The Ordiaxer (The revenge of the dicklett temple part 2)
> Qazlll456 (mm1ri12mk2ns2hk11sf2rr6ey2eg21/Omaha beach)

This map has a warmup, 5 areas and a long finale. 
Each area was created by a different mapper.
The 5 areas are picked randomly, and they play after each other in the same round.
Each area will be excluded from the random pick the next round if beaten.
This map includes the following features:

- Coins (shared currency, people who pick up the coins get extra score)
- Item shop where you utilize the coins (with a complex purchase system to avoid griefing)
- 10 human items
- 5 zombie items
- Multiple bosses
- 64 spawns
- Shrek
- Turtles
- Omaha beach
- Digletts
- Weebs
- A fetus
- A powerful and evil magical seal that you must break
- Diddly stuff
- Map radar
- Admin panel (at the top of spawn)
- A beautiful soundtrack:

The fetus is about to be born, but mother has dropped all of her coins...
How will she be able to buy a birthday gift for the newborn life?
It is time to get greedy folks!
Get your ethical diddling pants and go on a grand adventure for glory!

Happy diddling!


(Full changelog history is included in the download)

> Fixed missing/black textures (which seems to have caused some client crashes on mapload)
> Updated the minimap radar (as the omaha beach stage is revamped)
> Increased the active-time of the small+big dick item (buff)
> Both dick items will now become black/red colored under cooldown
> The wall items will auto-hurt themselves when zombies are hugging them (to prevent stack-exploits)
> Increased wall HP as compensation to this^
> Walls will now auto break after 100 seconds
> Decreased the push item cooldown by 15 seconds
> Tweaked the heal particles to stop a bit earlier (matching the active-time)

> Reduced blobarm HP slightly
> Buffed the fetus boss HP
> Changed the fetus boss ragemode, it will now activate at 30% HP instead of 50% HP
> Increased the auto-nuke timer on the fetus boss
> Added a console message when a zombie teleports to the fetus/diddledick boss
> Reverted the final top-rock on the normal ending, it should be smoother to defend now
> Delayed the zombie-cage breaking during the magmacave escape (by 3 seconds)
> Fixed a diddledick bug that would make it stop attacking at random
> Nerfed the damage and speed of the diddledick lasers
> Fixed the diddledick boss not being able to take damage from the diddlecannon
> Buffed the diddledick HP (from 700 to 1500, especially as the diddlecannon works now)

> Fixed the bugged textures (mostly noticable near the end)

> Tweaked some boss HP slightly
> Increased the amount of boss self-heal-hp
> Decreased the amount of damage to the boss when a human falls into the water

> Fixed a bugged song loop at the 4th boss
> Tweaked the human TP trigger at the end of the 2nd+4th boss, it will now cover the entire final hallway
> Moved back the surf-zombie-slow trigger slightly (to not interfere with normal defending)
> Tweaked the 2nd boss pull-attack to only hurt humans in FRONT of the pillars (back/sides are safe now)
> Tweaked HP on all bosses slightly
> Tweaked some hold timers

> Reduced the playtime slightly (so it matches the music before teleporting out)
> Increased cooldown on the torches
> Made the torch-push weaker

> Added a barrage of mortar strikes to spice things up
> Added a visible bridge for the zombie shortcut (also textured the shortcut to make it clearer)
> Tweaked the position of a few coins stuck in the bridge
> Increased the final hold time heavily (from 45 seconds to 80 seconds) to make things more intense
> Reworked the helicopter (chopper blades will spin with a sound, the ladder is larger)
> Tweaked some timers to make things easier for zombies
> Increased width of the middle bridge
> Increased explosive range slightly on the bomb-hold
> Lowered hurt trigger for the spikes
> Re-added another sound that was left out in the v2 update


Ever since diddle was released around ~3 years ago, it's been learned in and out.
A lot of community-made fixes/contributions have been added in this time.
With some of the latest/major additions, it seems like time to run a public release.
Please add this to your server for the best experience/latest fixes.

A really harsh endurance challenge has been added (thanks to Vauff).
When enabled, you must make it through *all* stages, including the finale in *one round*!
There are some helpers, such as visible mortar strikes on omaha beach, the ability to bring out the torches from Weaboo + the cake heals from Turtle and Digglet, but it should still serve as a really rough challenge.
An admin can enable it through the admin-panel at the top of spawn.
Players can also vote for it by shooting straight up at the start of a non-warmup round (unless they have already beaten a stage on normal mode).

The item shop during the finale will now prioritize players with the most score.
You gain score through certain actions such as winning stages, killing zombies/npc's or just outright playing. This is to encourage playing from the start and do well.
The score is translated to the TAB-scoreboard, so you can easily see what is what.
Beware: the points do not save if you disconnect unless the server is running the LuffarenMaps plugin (available at

Read the README for specific details, including installation instructions.

> Stripper #1 released 2020-05-12
> Stripper #2 released 2020-08-21
> Stripper #3 released 2020-09-17
> Stripper #4 released 2020-10-01
> Stripper #5 released 2021-06-22
> Stripper #6 released 2021-07-10
> Stripper #7 released 2021-10-18