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ze_core_v2b - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Version 2b 7mo
  • Improvement Level 3 Train Section Invisibility
  • Improvement Level 3 Train Laser Difficulty
  • BugFix Elevator Crush Damage
  • BugFix Level 3 Teleport Exploit
  • BugFix Repeat Killer Exploit
  • BugFix Other Bug Fixes
  • Adjustment Nerfed Boss Fight
  • Adjustment Other Misc Changes
Human players are now invisible for the train section of level 3 so that it's easier to see the lasers.

Decreased the frequency of lasers for second phase of the train section. Also, removed the ambient push for the train section.

An elevator on level 3 dealt too little crush damage allowing zombies to block it indefinitely. This has been fixed.

A level 3 teleport fixed in the previous update still had some potential to be exploited. It should now be entirely fixed.

Lowered the damage of the lava pool near spawn to prevent repeat killer from being triggered. Also decreased the damage of the lava river near spawn.

Fixed a visual bug and some broken ladders.

Decreased the pull strength for a boss attack. Decreased the damage for the red lasers and energy balls.

Made minor changes of removing a misleading SCP logo, maxing out music volume, and changing a teleport's timing.
Version 2a 9mo Adjustment4 BugFix2 Addition Version 1g 11mo BugFix3 Adjustment3 Version 1f 1y BugFix2 Addition Adjustment3 Version 1e 1y BugFix Addition
 - 3 levels of increasing difficulty
 - Multiple varied holds to keep gameplay interesting
 - Admin room located behind spawn with level controls
 - No one-shot lasers. All lasers are semi-optional or use teleportation mechanics like ze_rush_B
 - Boss fight
 - Unique (at least mostly unique) minigame
 - No fall damage

Compiled as HDR only. Full BSP size of 119 MB packed, 75.7 MB unpacked.

Textures from Real World Textures by TopHATTwaffle.
Thanks to W..., StarSlayer, LzYoRHa, and Chicago Ben for all their help. Tested on ZEMasters.

Created by: Tsubasa
Discord ID: Tsubasa#8629
Steam Profile

Please contact me (preferably through discord) about any bugs or gameplay issues and I will fix them as soon as I can.