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jb_obama_v5_beta - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Version 5 Beta 8y
  • - Much lighting change
  • - The start of planned detail being added
  • - more secrets
  • - SNES controller Unlocked more of the map for low-gravity hide and seek
  • - Warday in RLGL and plinko now have 2 entrances.
  • - silenced weapons in armory
A early/pre release of version 5! Its been 7 months since the last update, its about time. -- This is a stable release.
jb obama v5_beta ================== Features -- - Deathrun - Pool - Roulette (with numbers) - Redlight Greenlight - Jumprope - Race (time saver) - invisible jump - climb (3) - obama care (infirmary) - Price is Right room (wheel and plinko) - disco (7 songs) - maze (3 buttons for up to 9 configurations) - Memory game (remember 3 random colors) Summary of whats added in v5_beta ================== - Much lighting change - The start of planned detail being added - more secrets - SNES controller - Unlocked more of the map for low-gravity hide and seek
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    Very nice map! Love it. It is a bit too rebellious though. Also, your SNES secret doesn't work well. I know the code, and I know it has a random output, but the only thing I've ever been able to make work is the blocks in front of climb appear. None of the passages open.
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    **Notes:** - anyone wanna tell me how to get to the scout and secret vent on top of tower?
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  • **Pros:** - Great map! In my opinon, one of the BEST maps because it is very simple yet has numerous activities and ways to rebel. Sometimes you wont want to rebel simply because there are so many fun activities. **Notes:** - I hope to see you keep adding and tweeking. A great map and of course the creator Obama Mclama is such a great guy and great map maker!! - Great work man :) - HBD
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  • **Pros:** - Lots of ways to rebel - Great games, price is right section **Notes:** - Try the secret button on top of Obama Climb..
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    This is very very basic.
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    Oh yes, Obama, one of my favourite maps simply because of the numerous activities and a map dev. who knows what he's doing. I have a thing for dev. texturing - it creates a simple but nice look, and is much better than some scrappy 'realistic' textures that you see around here. One thing I'm going to say, is that without a good CT team, this jail is hard to manage. Sometimes you go 10+ rounds of Ts owning CT's within 4 minutes, and kinda makes everyone rtv. Because of this, Wardens usually don't bother going to any of the activities except for climb, as they don't want to risk getting killed. Not a map issue, just thought I'd mention it! Obviously a T-sided map, but I enjoy the challenge when I warden :) I quite like how JB secrets and have developed in this map compared to others - for example, the tower and deathrun secret. Both are cleverly implemented and are not easily accessed to cause problems. Obama, it's also pretty cool you went outside the box and added some prop displays to weapons and grenades, which adds a little more fun to the game! Keep up the awesome work, and I'm looking forward to mcrunner.
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