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am_jungle_pit [single arena] - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Version 1.1 10mo
  • BugFix Added auto-snipers to custom mode weapon mix
A 1v1 arena set in a jungle ruin. This is a spinoff of aim_showdown_planet's Aztec themed arena.

While designed for 1v1, this map supports up to 2v2 in classic, demolition and custom modes and 3v3 in arms race mode. This map also plays as a hostage rescue map.

Game mode guides
AM_Jungle_Pit plays differently depending on game mode:
  • Competitive/Casual: Buy zones, defuse rules
  • Custom: Random weapons, defuse rules
  • Demolition/Flying Scoutsman/Deathmatch/Arms Race: Normal gameplay

There are two secret random path generators on this map. One random path generator is only accessible with noclip and is only there for show (see GIF on this page). The other random path generator is a short term memory puzzle located in an underground temple, similar in concept to Payday 2's diamond puzzle.

In this puzzle, there's a grid of illusionary tiles (i.e you'll fall to your death if you stepped on them) that leads towards a treasure room. To get to the treasure room, you must press a button to generate a safe, temporary path that's valid for only 30 seconds. A legend near the button will display the path generated by the button. It's up to you to quickly memorize this legend and navigate the grid safely.

As a hint on how to access the underground temple, take a look at the work lights. This puzzle is only accessible in casual mode.

Weapon matchups
For custom mode, the weapon matchups are as follows (CT weapon vs. T weapon):
  • USP-S vs. Glocks
  • Five-Seven vs. Tec-9
  • Mag-7 vs. Sawed-Off
  • MP9 vs. Mac-10
  • Famas vs. Galil
  • M4 vs. AK-47
  • Aug vs. SG 553
  • SCAR-20 vs. G3SG1

Textures were mainly taken from de_ancient and de_aztec


I won't be releasing a multi-arena version of this map, but feel to create one yourself.

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