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aim_showdown_planet - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Version 1.3 10mo
  • Adjustment Changed winter arena's layout to match am_frozen_fortress' layout
  • Tweak Removed 12 player limit and random weapons for competitive mode
  • Addition Added auto-snipers to random weapon mix
Version 1.2 12mo BugFix Adjustment Version 1.1 1y Tweak

Modified 1v1 Multi-Arena

1v1 Multi-Arena... WITH A TWIST!

Start in six different 1v1 arenas. If you survive for 30 seconds, you'll teleport to a 7th arena to fight remaining enemies.

Despite being heavily influenced by the 1v1 multi-arena mode, you will still be able to finish rounds normally thanks to that seventh arena. I made a custom nav mesh for this map so that it'll be playable with bots. Finally, despite the arenas being designed for 1v1 matchups, this map supports up to 24 players total depending on game mode.

Showdown Planet is a spinoff of my map aim_six_arenas:

Game Mode Guide

Showdown Planet plays differently depending on game mode:
  • Competitive: Random weapons, limited to 12 players. Highly recommended if you only want to play 1v1 in the 6 arenas
  • Custom: Random weapons, allows up to 24 players
  • Casual: Buyzones, allows up to 24 players
  • Demolition/Flying Scoutsman: Normal gameplay, allows up to 24 players.

Weapon matchups

For competitive and custom modes, the weapon matchups are as follows (CT weapon vs. T weapon):
  • USP-S vs. Glocks
  • Five-Seven vs. Tec-9
  • Mag-7 vs. Sawed-Off
  • MP9 vs. Mac-10
  • Famas vs. Galil
  • M4 vs. AK-47
  • AUG vs. SG 553
  • SCAR vs. G3SG1

Arena Themes

For the first six arenas, the themes are:
  • Aztec/Ancient Jungle
  • Cache (a remake of de_cache's 1v1 arenas, to be exact)
  • Dust/Mirage
  • Italy/Inferno/Canals
  • Monastery/Subzero
  • Swamp/Sugar Mill
After 30 seconds, surviving players will teleport to one of the two arenas:

  • Hallway (under renovation) spinoff aim_six_arenas' hallway section
  • Space Station: an aim_map remake set in space


  • Kokopelli's Snowball Fight - Country House, for providing the Vscript template for disabling entities depending on game mode:
  • TopHatwaffle Real World Textures:
  • TopHatWaffle Real World Textures 2:
  • In addition to Valve's maps, this map also uses textures and models from de_studio, de_swamp and de_subzero
  • Earth skysphere texture created in SpaceEngine
  • Earth logo in thumbnail: