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de_factory - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Check out the video
Features -> 32 Spawns
-> Minimap/Overview with Localization names
-> Competitive | Casual | Deathmatch | ArmsRace
-> Working ladders
-> Advantage sniper spots
-> Custom nav file for better bot performance

I had included the source files (VMFs) to you, you have my full permission to modify and copy any content of it for you.

Credit me if you are planning in release your modification with this files
Workshop link:

08/06/2014 Changelog: == - Added more clips to prevent player blocking. - Added soundscapes and ambient sounds. - Fixed func_details as world brushes. - Minor texture changes. - Double doors at tunnels now open at the same time. - Connector door to Bombsite A is now wider. - Removed the vent of the center wall at TSpawn/Mid. 09/04/2014 Changelog: == - Changed collisions of props at Office. - Changed railings on stairs at TSpawn. - Changed the HDR BloomScale. - Changed position of the Box inside the truck at BombsiteA. - Added cover at Connector Tunnels/Mid. - Added double doors at Connector Tunnels/Mid. - Added fog. - Added and edited player clips to smooth player movement. - Removed the slide door at Connector Tunnels/Mid. - Removed props from Office. - Removed windows from Warehouse (LongA). - All windows at Rafters side of the Bombsite B are now breakable. - TSpawn door frames to Bombiste A are now wider. - Fixed a missing nav mesh connection
30/03/2014 Changelog: == - Changed CT Spawn - Changed minimap overview to match the new CT Spawn - Added additional supports to the Bridge. - Added cover on the road near CT Spawn - Added additional player clips. - Added cubemaps to enhance map reflections. - Added a custom KV file, teams are now ST6 vs Phoenix - Fixed Buyzone on T spawn. - Fixed func_areaportalwindow draw distances at Bombsite B - Fixed model collisions in shelfs at LongA and Bombsite B - Fixed visible nodraws. - Fixed bots being stuck at Mid and Office ladders - Made the entrance of the Mid connector wider. - Removed the fake ladder and the falling box at T spawn. - Removed boxes from Radio and Tunnel Connector entrances.
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    Your attention to players utilizing smokes and flashes within this map gives the map an important attribute important in competitive gameplay. Hint skips should be one of the first thing you begin to ponder about when deciding to update.
    Creator of Empire and Kaizen
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    Thanks for your time and the nice feedback WILL2K ! This will be really useful for the next update.
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    Map Critic
    The map has a nice industrial setting and feels authentic enough to simulate a real life factory setup, most probably in an industrial zone/city. The layout is compact and allows the efficient use of shotguns and SMGs. The timings are fast and allow for quick rotations. CT-A 7 s, CT-B 8 s, T-A 11 s, T-B 15 s, A-B 12 s. It also allows for some interesting vertical gameplay with the inclusion of an upper floor and a ramp. I gathered my findings for you in the hope of helping you out to further improve the map. There was a drop in fps in CT spawn; you could really use some horizontal hints to horizontally cut your visleaves in this location. They were extremely tall going to skybox level and over-rendering the whole surrounding area. You also forgot the stair ramp in B as regular world brush that is cluttering your PVS; better switch it to func_detail. I noticed you used a brick trim with snow on some buildings and it looks a bit out of place in a sunny environment (trim from cs_office I presume). The double doors in tunnels should open and close at the same time for a streamlined gameplay. Some doors in A are pretty narrow allowing for 1 person to come at a time. This will cause stacking in competitive mode with collisions on and will make players sitting ducks for any defender camping at the site. It would be better to clip the edges of all the rolling doors props in the map to prevent players getting stuck on them. I strongly believe that the low grilled vent in T start towards mid should be closed to avoid unfair peeking and spotting players’ feet from across. I know that you are focusing on competitive gameplay in the map but a light soundscape should bring the map alive without being distracting to proper gameplay. The map is mute and feels a bit awkward especially in an industrial setup. Solid map so far and I wish you best of luck for the contest.
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