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de_apache - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Defuse map made for the cevo/gamebanana mapping contest. The workshop page [De_apache Workshop Page]( "De_apache Workshop Page") Thanks to all the people who gave feedback! You guys are awesome!
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    Industrial theme seems to be the norm with almost all maps in this contest but this map is really faithful and real with regard to visuals. Your work on the visual side is commendable and the atmosphere is spot on; I have worked in several manufacturing and industrial plants and I can relate to the visuals you conveyed in this map. Well done. The attention to details is also a strong point in this map and every small detail has been taken care of but at the same time, good visibility was maintained and visual clutter is not an issue. Timings and rotations are good CT-A 6s, CT-B 13s, T-A 14s, T-B 16s, A-B 16s Couple of notes for you: The sky/ambient lighting is bordering on white-ish and colors are washed out. If I were you, I would tone down fog and post processing for a slightly crispier visuals. I disabled fog and post processing in-game and the map was much more vibrant and alive. I believe slightly decreasing the fog thickness/distance and HDR/bloom/post process will be beneficial for the visuals and players eyes alike. I noticed the path from CT to A is a narrow doorway letting 1 player pass at a time; this is perfectly fine for side paths and connectors but I feel this could be hindering for a main path that players will definitely use to rush A. A double doorway should be better in my opinion. Very nice and believable rendition of an industrial setup. Good luck for the contest and keep up the good work.
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    Oh damn, slaving away on my map and someone has a close theme to me. Very nice map just had a run through and I like it! Nice work :)
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    This looks really promising! I'll try it out tonight :)
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