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Neonoir Impossible - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


V10X 11mo
  • BugFix Fixed a mega oof exploit where players can abuse the jukebox Easter Egg to crash the game
  • BugFix Fixed broken cubemaps
  • Improvement Minor improvements
V10 12mo Optimization Adjustment2 Improvement3 BugFix4 V9X 1y Adjustment2 Improvement BugFix3 Addition V8X 1y BugFix2 V8 1y Optimization Removal Improvement4 Addition3 BugFix2 Adjustment2 Overhaul

You can't outrun the past... Or can you?

  • This map is awesome i played it since idk what version but it was a very early one . Now that i have a new pc i dont have the file anymore and installed the newest version and damn these minigames and parts of the map are awesome . This map is a must for every pro deathrun player and synth lover.
    Stay healthy 
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    I just signed into this dead account just to tell you this map is unfunny and poorly made, period. 

    Edit: I have nothing against you, but making a bazinga-clone map just really isn't inspiring at all, in fact generally speaking, it downgrades the quality of tf2 deathrun maps.

    You think Synthwave is funny? Sure whatever, maybe make a trap based off of it, but not a ENTIRE map that has nothing but generic traps, generic endings, no twists (dr_chop_suey is a shitpost map with an interesting twist), and probably consists of 6 different textures.

    Again, no offense bud, it's your first map after all, I'm just sick and tired of these generic bland meme maps being submitted.
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  • One of the best deathrun maps I have ever played. Congratulations!
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    Apparently there may be a bug with pinballs going through the flippers and an area that may soft lock? Can't give much detail, as players reported this in the Skial discord
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    End Boss
    Nice work!
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    I only have one thing to say: beatiful
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