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Dr_Underworld_Redux - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

This is the latest edition. Disregard any older maps sharing this map's name unless you want to do some reverse engineering.

What's changed since the last map release:
  • Major lighting overhaul
  • Complete redo of the first stage and major environmental changes to the second stage
  • General optimization (visuals, auditory, performance, and time-based functions)
  • Numerous bug fixes (too many to list or remember)
  • New background music (along with new music in 9-Square, Russian Roulette, and Zombie Horde)
  • New and revamped traps (20 total traps)
  • Removed the 'kill yourself' button
  • Dead runners will now be revived when one person presses the revive button at the end of the course (some server plugins may not allow this feature)
  • All trap buttons are now melee-based
  • Optimized on-screen text (or just removed it) (now matches text previously featured on the freerun button)
  • Jump minigame will now just start in 5 seconds (no more GLaDOS)
  • The last minute of the Zombie Horde will now have 4 skeleton kings (previously 2)
  • Added a scare button for the activator in Zombie Horde (single usage and lasts 5 seconds)
  • Crocodiles now infest the waters of the 2nd stage
  • Overlords are now unique skeletons
  • Rigged Russian Roulette in favor of the activator. Selected runners will have a 1 in 3 (33%) chance of dying, while the activator has a 1 in 6 (~16%) chance

The "final" and beta versions are still available to play (though why would you want to play inferior versions?)
  1.  "Final" -
  2.  Beta -

Feedback is greatly appreciated, even constructive criticism!
If you find any major problems with the functions of this map, please report them.
  • quietsharp avatar
    quietsharp Joined 2y ago
    hey, the ground is invisible for some reason, and I also think you should make the death invisible since players can see death, they would take advantage of that.
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