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dr_scprun_v3 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


Version 3 2mo
  • Feature New motivators!
  • Optimization Removed all nodraw skyboxes
  • Optimization Disabled bone followers for ALL models (less lag woo hoo!)
  • Improvement Map events happen faster including the 096 cutscene (from 45 seconds down to less than 18), the spawn-in sequence and the 079 cutscene
  • Improvement SCP 096's room has had its exits clearly marked
  • Improvement Increased size of the doorways in LCZ
  • Adjustment SCP 682's trap has been buffed so he starts closer to the player
  • Adjustment Alarm clock minigame buttons are now trigger areas, they are no longer solid.
  • Addition 096 Trap - You can now hide in the small control room
  • Addition Buttons can now be interacted with through use
  • Addition New and improved spinner to replace the old one!
  • Addition New surface cutscene!
  • Removal Removed the pocket dimention route, from research the 939 basement route was most popular
  • Removal Removed the alpha warhead
  • BugFix On the alarm clock minigame, some of the squares would not count down correctly. Damage is turned off now upon player victory
  • BugFix V3 FIX - Fixed the second trap not damaging players
  • BugFix V3 FIX - Fixed the issue where 049 could damage players through a wall + improved lighting
  • Addition V3 FIX - Added new minigame cameras
Version 2b_1 1y BugFix Adjustment Improvement Version 2b - Stable 1y BugFix Addition4 Improvement2 Adjustment5 Version 2_a2 - Beta 1y BugFix4 Adjustment Addition2 Removal Version 2_a1 - Beta 1y BugFix Addition2 Adjustment2 Improvement Removal

An SCP themed deathrun map

Based off SCP CB
This is my first map!


  • Fun and friendly faces such as uncle larry, peanut, shy guy, plague doctor, the big ass lizard and more!
  • New motivator to replace the warhead
  • Anti activator AFK system (after 25 seconds) will enable freerun automatically
  • Many awesome easter eggs including a music room
  • 5 awesome minigames!

Femur Breaker (rip headphone users)
SCP 298
SCP 079 (Secret)

Steam workshop link