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dr_delay - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

My first map

My first map. Started making this about April 2013. Lost motivation a few times and the SDK broke for a while during the Steampipe update. Map features - - A motivator - AFK Killer for both teams - Runner for the activator - Multiple eastereggs (One being a music room) - 5 Endings (Instant win, Fight, Race, Roulette and Floor Break) - 24+ traps - Large buttons to make it easter for the activator to play in third person Been meaning to upload this version for quite a long time now. Been holding it back due to general laziness. Keep in mine that Floor Break is a little buggy, was fine testing with bots.
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    I haven't played the map, yet, as it's sitting in our test queue over at But I noticed the file size and thought that it was quite large.

    Looking inside with GCFscape, I see you have a lot of big music and sound files in there that you could have compressed or trimmed to save space. For example, saving your WAV files as MS-ADPCM format (you can do that by exporting as 'Custom FFmpeg export' if you are using Audacity, and have the FFmpeg library installed, and choosing the msadpcm compression in its options) saved 5MB. You have some lengthy MP3 files in there which could be trimmed down and turned in to looping WAVs.

    The largest potential saving is the MP3 files for the music room. There is 40MB worth of music, in there. Considering it's only there for a music room on a Deathrun map, I think it might be something that server operators and players may not care for. If you plan to make a new version of your map, I would advise _not_ packing the non-essential MP3 files in to the map file, but instead, have them separate in your Game Banana download. Server operators could then choose not to host them if they wanted, and players who don't like custom content, and have it disabled in their options, could avoid the extra downloads. You could include a .res file, which instructs clients to download the music files, to make it easy for the server operator to install your music. All he needs to do is compress the music to bz2, if he puts it on his FastDL space.

    Another concern is that some of the music is pretty straightforward mainstream, major label stuff. It's a bit dicey including that kind of thing in a map, considering all the kerfuffle over copyright. Having them as a separate download would give server operators control over that.

    You could use an env_global and a map config file to give operators the option to disable access to the music room, too. So it doesn't impede gameplay.
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    Map is pretty cool, I like it but there is one major problem on some servers: you can't use trap buttons with shooting but you have to use melee. Could you possibly change it?
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    It's a very good deathrun map!
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    Valve give us Source 2 SDK
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    Gotta love this dr map <3
    pepper your angus
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