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MvM Machine Attacks Ep14 [Full] - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


Ep14 Re:v3 Fixed2 1y
  • BugFix Fixed "No Free Edict" Error if someone join a server more than 2 peoples
  • Removal To fix a bug so I decided remove somethings those unnecessary (mostly prop_physical)
Ep14 Re:v3 Fixed 1y BugFix Suggestion Ep14 Re:v3 Updated 2y Removal Addition2 Improvement Optimization BugFix Adjustment3 Feature Ep14 Re:v2 (Jungle Updated) 3y Optimization Addition2 BugFix2 Adjustment2 Improvement2 Feature2 Ep14 Remastered V1 Fixed 4y

MvM Machine Attacks Ep14

Now it's full!! Let's play this!!

To fix other episodes that aren't change map after finished

There are every episodes don't change the map after finished or some bug

If you are admin , go to folder and go to server config file and put this command and it will be done

svallowpoint_servercommand always

Premium Upgrade Updated

  • -add taunt speed upgrade
  • -add slot of upgrade by 6 for healing mastery, overheal expert, explosive headshot, canteen specialist
  • -reduce cost for some upgrade that they are too expensive

New Bonuses

  • -Leveling Bonus (read a description in game)

Last Updated of other eps

New Upgrade!!

Added Class upgrade on this map, It can be useful for support to each class that you play!use melee to press buttons


mission 1 you start up go talk to bot soldier at wooden base and robots will comming attack, fight the robots untill soldier has speaked

mission 2 after start this mission, the plane is comming attack,, shoot the plane down and mission will be completed

mission 3 you need to find batteries,fuel gas, and metal scrap for robot, batteries can be found at the farm inside the town, the farm is darkness only toturn on switch near the door of farm and you can see batteries, fuel gas can be found at Jimijam shop in Town A they're behind the medikitzone,metal scrap can be found at hotal floor 6 room 2 but it's lock, only go to the rooftop and jump down at this room

mission 4 you need to find mushrooms, cactus, pumpkins and yellow potion, mushrooms they're small they're around garden at Town ACactus can be found at farm behide 2 small house, pumpkins at small room beside of our base, they're in a box, attack the lockerand you will find them, yellow potions can be found at library at Town B

mission 5 you can go the castle now, go to rooftop and turn on switch to open those gates,find a key to open the door it's on table near pianoand get inside and up stair and shoot those wood that block the door down, you will meet scout whenhe's completed talk (I can't say which box is locatation infomation,but you should use melee attack each box)

mission 6 go to in front of the gate and prepare to defend that area untill the gate opened

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  • moldy avatar
    moldy Joined 2y ago
    1,186 points Ranked 24,637th
    Love this map, really love the machine attack series as a whole, great work!
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  • NhojBhoj avatar
    NhojBhoj Joined 10mo ago
    While Playing this map, there are so many errors and bugs going on with his map. 

    -The absurd lag, my frames are dipping down from 60fps.
    -Confusion, nobody knows what to do. Newbies don't know where the item location is, either make a guide to solve this problem or add a guide in the map.
    -FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, Please remove the "requires 3-4 people". I play on a server, where the player count fluctuates, it's almost impossible to play this story/map in a chronological order.

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  • SwissCheeese avatar
    SwissCheeese Joined 2y ago
    227 points Ranked 60,198th
    lets go new update boys
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  • shui avatar
    shui Joined 2y ago
    Okay, so I was playing this episode and this error message popped up: 
    "Engine Error; ED_Alloc: no free edicts"
    This happened when after I chose any class. I know what that error is, it's that error that just hit the max entity number. Also, this didn't happened before the 3rd update or v3. The real question is, "How many entities did you place?" and if you said the right corresponding number, then next question, "Would you still update this as a fix?
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  • BlazingDiancie avatar
    BlazingDiancie Joined 8y ago
    1,760 points Ranked 22,218th
    11 medals 1 rare
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    • 6 months a member Medal icon
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    I want to like this map. I want to like this series. But... There are a few issues holding it back. First off, Episode 14 shares an issue that Episode 15 does. The maps are just way too fucking big. Now this is an issue I have no problem with, I love big maps. But with maps this size, the Source Engine starts to struggle. Even on my otherwise extremely capable rig, both this and Episode 15 run BADLY, dropping under 60FPS at points. Bearing in mind, it is not hard in this day and age to run TF2 at 100+ FPS, so to see a map with such detail it can bring the game to it's knees is not good. A complaint I also hear people saying is that because of the size, it takes forever to get anywhere. However, one thing I will congratulate you on is the immense amount of escape routes and back alleys that allow one to escape a potentially fatal Spy, Giant or Titan encounter. Another thing, and I'm in no way hating you for this, but the syntax and grammar of the text in these maps is atrocious. I understand that English is not your first language, but I would strongly recommend have someone proof read the dialogue. One last thing, some of your robot designs are just flat-out unbalanced. Luck or Bad Luck is funny for a time, but he's kind of annoying after a while. Annoying Scouts I just can't fault, they're just funny. But things like the Unzoom Shooter Sniper, which one hit kills without resistances, the Chaos Pyro which is the most horrific debuffer I've ever seen and incredibly frustrating to fight and the "Absorber" robots aren't excuseable. The Absorbers can literally become unkillable if people don't know what they are. Also the Elites are flat out inexcuseable. The Scout and Demo are fine, so is the Pyro, somewhat, but the Sniper and Heavy are ridiculous. Even through your, granted, rather interesting and very useful Premium Upgrades, they will obliterate you within five seconds, and the Soldier can one hit kill at almost any range. However, I will admit, there are some interesting designs, like the Shadow Demomen, the Advanced Samurai Soldiers, the Titan Bots (Which are surprisingly well balanced (Soldier could do with less dmg IMO)) and the Reapers/EP15 Newbe Reapers (while frustrating, are very creative). All of those are great. If you can fix these problems, (or at least the ones that are within your power (Lag from big maps is on the Source engine because it's old)), I can see this series becoming amazing.
    Grey Mann's Assistant
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  • The framerate drops below 60 FPS, as soon as we view the whole map from the ground. Have you ever considered to improve this?

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  • ScoutThe avatar
    ScoutThe Joined 6y ago
    8,798 points Ranked 840th
    12 medals 2 rare
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    Hello again.

    Alright so. Theres many things i dont like about this and should also be fixed.

    Theres so many, that doesnt even speak to red soldier (i dont think they know that)

    And also, its laggy af and theres too many titan bots that spawns/spawncamps.

    It seems like many are confused 'bout this episode.

    Its too hard to complete 1 sngle wave.

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  • Somebody_ avatar
    Somebody_ Joined 6y ago
    483 points Ranked 49,369th
    I thought this map was just as good as Episode 13. But I wish you would stop using Timers considering all the maps seem to use them. I mean timers for an objective and not dialogue. 

    But this has to be the best episode yet. Good job. Well worth the wait.

    But I'm unhappy with the lag. 

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  • redmyclan avatar
    redmyclan Joined 11y ago
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    Posted by SenaTheLucario

    I have a little problem, it's the last mission, I did it on solo*added 3 red team bots* and I managed to get to the last mission, when it started, I had 20 seconds, when it was over, it said I failed the wave and then it started to switch to a different map, please fix this*also, Grammar is REALLY bad in the Machine Attacks series...*

    I don't know why but that problem didn't happen to me, only I know the text "To be Continue for Ep15" don't show up when players finish map 

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  • I have a little problem, it's the last mission, I did it on solo*added 3 red team bots* and I managed to get to the last mission, when it started, I had 20 seconds, when it was over, it said I failed the wave and then it started to switch to a different map, please fix this*also, Grammar is REALLY bad in the Machine Attacks series...*

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